Andreas Jacob

Partner at Prüfer & Partner mbB
Ranked in IP management consultancy, Legal, Licensing, M&A, Technology transfer
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Andreas Jacob leverages high-level litigation and IP monetisation expertise to provide his patrons with strong representation on a wide variety of complex patent matters. He is business-savvy, determined and has a knack for unleashing the true potential of his client’s portfolios.

Andreas Jacob's Profile

Andreas Jacob is head of the litigation and trademark group at Prüfer & Partner, an interprofessional IP boutique of attorneys at law and patent attorneys. After joining Prüfer & Partner in 2009, he became an equity partner in 2015. He has built up an outstanding team of attorneys, IP professionals and paralegals by bringing together the right people. He organised the workload using digitalised workflows and integrated an agile project management structure for developing, executing and improving the project-related work.

Due to his extensive experience in litigation, prosecution and the exploitation of IP rights, Mr Jacob’s focus is to define and implement IP-based strategies for supporting the business goals of his clients. The adaption of technological tools using IP data together with traditional attorney counselling skills allows for the efficient analysis, benchmarking and monitoring of the patent and trademark portfolios of clients and their competitors. The purpose of his practice group’s work is to unleash the potential of an IP portfolio and to develop the portfolio in such a way that it allows the client to realise chances by minimising the risk arising from the competitor’s intellectual property, as well as to use the portfolio for efficient anti-counterfeiting.

The business and technological intelligence generated are used to proactively develop clients’ intellectual property and to generate tailored ‘special purpose’ intellectual property for achieving specific goals. Current projects managed by Mr Jacob relate to anti-counterfeiting activities, IP portfolio development with respect to changing demands of the product markets, their increasing global interdependence and the specific demands of capital markets (eg, with respect to IP compliance and freedom to operate in the patent sector). For buying, in or out licensing, generating or developing intellectual property, several of Mr Jacob’s projects focus on IP contracting.

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