Andrea Chiu

IP Strategist at IPOS International
Ranked in IP management consultancy, Licensing, Technology transfer
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“Andrea Chiu is intelligent, dedicated and passionate, and she genuinely cares about her clients’ IP concerns. She uses her IP expertise to assist them in identifying the strengths and risks associated with their IP portfolios, as well as developing realistic strategies tied to their commercial goals.”

Andrea Chiu's Profile

Andrea Chiu is an IP strategist at IPOS International, part of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) group. In line with the Singapore Intellectual Property Strategy 2030, IPOS International helps companies realise tangible value from their intangible assets for growth.

Ms Chiu has over 15 years of experience as an IP and technology transfer professional, and empowers both public agencies and private enterprises in IP creation, ownership, protection, and commercialisation. She works closely with these enterprises from key industry verticals to develop holistic IP strategies that advance their business goals.

At the national level, Ms Chiu plays a pivotal role in shoring up intangible asset and IP knowledge among start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises through IPOS International’s partnerships with incubators, accelerators, and venture builders. An ardent advocate for IP, Ms Chiu regularly draws on her extensive IP expertise and knowledge to deliver talks, provide training, and author articles and case studies to inspire innovative businesses to leverage their intangible assets for growth.

Prior to joining IPOS International, Ms Chiu worked with the National University of Singapore, National University Hospital, and Nanyang Technological University to formulate strategies on IP ownership and management in research and development collaborations, as well as on IP commercialisation and licensing negotiations.

Ms Chiu is a certified licensing professional and a registered management consultant with the Institute of Management Consultants. She holds a Master of Science (Biotechnology) degree from Bangalore University, a Graduate Certificate in IP law from the National University of Singapore, and a Specialist Certificate in intangible asset management from IPOS International.

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