Anand Bopardikar

General Manager of Intellectual Property at Reliance Industries Ltd
Ranked in Finance, IP management consultancy, Legal, Licensing, M&A, Technology transfer, Valuation
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Anand Bopardikar's Profile

Anand Bopardikar is a general manager (Intellectual Property) of in-house IP team of Reliance Industries Ltd., an Indian multinational conglomerate having presence in refining, petrochemicals, new energy, retail, and telecom sectors. His role includes stewardship of entire IP value chain including creation, protection, portfolio management, risk management and commercialisation.

Mr Bopardikar possesses a multi-faceted technology knowledge and experience. His core technical expertise lies in hydrocarbon domain; however, he routinely handles IP related matters from new energy, sustainability, and circularity. He has a broad exposure to various legal skills critical for defensive and aggressive IP litigations. He has been instrumental in developing and evolving an IP ecosystem essential for supporting corporate’s in-house innovation and invention efforts. His knowledge in technology and patent law puts him in a very unique position to design strategic path forwards and strategic decision making on patent matters.

Mr Bopardikar is also a registered Indian patent agent and spearheads the patent enforcement and risk mitigation initiatives of the organisation. He actively and regularly helps various businesses and R&D teams of organisation to identify patentable technologies and plan risk mitigation.

In his previous role, he has been part of various R&D projects initiatives and manufacturing operations, so he brings an insider’s view from R&D and manufacturing perspective while dealing with any patent matter.

Mr Bopardikar is an avid reader and keen observer of IP policy landscape evolving on national, regional and global level.

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