Amit Goel

Director at Effectual Knowledge Services Pvt Ltd
Ranked in Brokering, Defensive patent aggregation, IAM/IC, IP auctions, IP management consultancy, IP-backed lending, Legal, Licensing, M&A, Technology transfer, Valuation
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Bringing together “exemplary leadership skills”, “clear IP insights” and an “innovative approach”, the personable Amit Goel “is a true strategist whose tireless work has done wonders in overcoming IP challenges and providing meaningful solutions”.

Amit Goel's Profile

Amit Goel is director of Effectual Services, one of the India’s fastest-growing patent and trademark consulting firms. Dr Goel manages and supervises different practice groups at the firm and leads a team of more than 250 professionals involved in patent and trademark strategies, IP assets monetisation, patent litigation and technology scouting. He provides IP asset management, technology research and strategy solutions to Fortune 500 companies in diverse technical domains.

Dr Goel has 19 years of international legal experience across IP services. He has worked with global companies including multinational corporations, universities and start-ups, among others, advising them on the development of their IP portfolios, acquisition of assets, patent licensing and patent portfolio management. He has also counselled on issues pertaining to mergers and acquisitions, valuation of intellectual property, licensing and assessment of technological breakthroughs.

Dr Goel has provided support to the R&D teams of multinational corporations in competitor intelligence, technology scouting, advisory and consulting. He has managed a number of open innovation programmes to identify potential partners and develop strategic alliances in different technical streams.

He founded Effectual Services in 2010, after having spent seven years at some of the best knowledge domain companies and technical universities in India. His specialisations include IP monetisation, IP licensing, technology intelligence, patent drafting and patent litigation. Dr Goel holds a PhD in computer science with a specialisation in mobile communications. He is also an avid speaker on various IP topics, patent acquisition and patent licensing at a number of leading technical institutes and business schools.

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