Amit Garg

Vice President, Partnerships and Acquisitions at IPValue Management Inc
Ranked in Brokering, Finance, IP auctions, IP management consultancy, Licensing, M&A, Technology transfer, Valuation
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“Over the course of his 19-year career at IPValue, Amit Garg, a well-known expert in IP strategy, has overseen numerous licencing operations for market leaders with tremendous success. He stands out as a smart and reliable partner to have.”

Amit Garg's Profile

As vice president, partnerships and acquisitions at IPValue, Amit Garg spearheads the strategic relationships that make IPValue unique in the licensing business. He plays an instrumental role in designing and executing strategies related to partnership structures, patent acquisitions and IP monetization. He is known as a loyal friend to IPValue's partners and a leader in putting partners first. His partners have received hundreds of millions of dollars from his programmes, in addition to other benefits generated from the relationships. His work designing and nurturing unique win-win relationships led to IPValue’s recent win with Intel and the acquisition of 5,000 Intel patents in 2022.  Earlier similar work had led to the acquisition of substantial patent portfolios from Cypress and NXP.

Mr Garg also leads a prominent IPValue licensing program as general manager of the Longitude Flash Memory Systems (LFMS) licensing business. He and the LFMS team are licensing a fundamental set of memory patents acquired by IPValue from Cypress Semiconductor. The team has successfully licensed several leading memory-semiconductor vendors and has generated over one hundred million dollars in licences for the LFMS programme.  

Prior to assuming his current role, Mr Garg served in a variety of licensing operations and partner management roles at IPValue, licensing portfolios for companies such as Xerox, Micron, NXP, Cypress Semiconductor and Infineon.

Before joining IPValue, Mr Garg worked for the management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, serving clients in Hi-Tech, Telecom, and Corporate Finance sectors. Prior to McKinsey, he served the management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton and the IT consulting firm Computer Sciences Corporation. Prior to consulting, he served the Hi-Tech industry as a software engineer and product manager. At Spyglass, he was responsible for delivering the world’s first commercial Internet browser (Enhanced Mosaic/Microsoft’s Internet Explorer) and WWW/HTTP servers. Before that, he helped develop supply chain related software products deployed in both commercial and defense sectors.

Mr Garg holds an MBA from the Wharton Business School and MS in computer engineering from Clemson University.

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