Amit Aswal

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Amit Aswal is an experienced, client-oriented and results-focused IP professional. He has refined legal expertise, technical acumen and a knack for unleashing the true potential of his clients’ portfolios.

Amit Aswal's Profile

Amit Aswal is a distinguished figure in the realm of intellectual property (IP) with a remarkable career spanning over a decade. As the founder of anovIP, he has exhibited unparalleled expertise in assisting clients across the globe in harnessing the power of intellectual property for growth and success.

With a unique blend of technical prowess and legal acumen, Mr Aswal has consistently proven his mettle in various facets of IP management. His educational background in computer science, coupled with his qualifications as a patent and trademark attorney, endows him with the rare ability to bridge the gap between technology and law.

Mr Aswal's achievements encompass a wide spectrum of strategic endeavors. He excels in devising comprehensive IP strategies, steering both defensive shields to safeguard client interests and offensive tactics to secure competitive advantages. His finesse in negotiating intricate IP transactions, encompassing licensing agreements and technology transfers, and showcases his proficiency in bringing complex deals to fruition.

Mr Aswal has a keen aptitude for identifying and capitalising on opportunities in IP monetisation. His adeptness in evaluating patent portfolios, determining royalties, and spearheading patent pool initiatives underscores his visionary approach to IP value creation.

With an illustrious client portfolio spanning from small enterprises to Fortune 500 corporations and academic institutions, Mr Aswal's impact extends across diverse industries including manufacturing, fashion, healthcare, and telecommunications. He has demonstrated his prowess in guiding clients through the intricacies of IP infringement cases, further solidifying his standing as an invaluable advisor.

An active member of esteemed associations such as the Asian Patent Attorneys Association, International Trademark Association, and the Licensing Executives Society, Mr Aswal remains at the forefront of industry trends and practices.

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