Alfred Chaouat

Vice President, Licensing at InterDigital
Ranked in Licensing
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Alfred Chaouat's Profile

Alfred Chaouat is in charge of the digital TV licensing programme. He is also taking care of some other consumer electronics licensing negotiations in addition to being the InterDigital’s representative to the patent pools where InterDigital succeeded Technicolor.

Mr Chaouat has more than 25 years’ experience in IP monetisation, first at Thomson/Technicolor, where he has contributed since 1993 to the outstanding patent and licensing success of the company, and since July 2018 at InterDigital following the acquisition by InterDigital of the patent and licensing activities of Technicolor.

At Technicolor he developed and carried out major licensing programmes, including patent pools. He was also involved in standardisation bodies such as the DVD Forum, where he had been the executive committee’s Technicolor representative since the outset and was instrumental in the inclusion of the Technicolor Film Grain Technology into the standard. He has been involved in various Technicolor acquisitions, divestments, joint ventures, strategic alliances and business development initiatives.

Before joining Technicolor, he was a senior manager at Accenture where he advised various companies on strategic services, productivity and quality improvement, controlling and IT.

Mr Chaouat has contributed to various books on intellectual property, innovation and licensing and has authored many articles on these subjects. He recently coordinated the drafting of the LESI Licensing Briefing released in May 2020. He is also a frequent speaker on IP and licensing matters all over the world.

Mr Chaouat has two MScs from Ecole des Mines de Nancy and Ecole Nationale du Petrole et des Moteurs, and a PhD in economics. He has also participated in several education programmes on intellectual property and innovation at Stanford University, among others. He is a past president of the Licensing Executives Society (LES) France and has been past chair of other various LES International committees.

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