Alfi Guindi

Vice President, IP Counsel at IPValue Management Inc
Ranked in Defensive patent aggregation, IP management consultancy, Legal, Licensing, M&A, Technology transfer, Valuation
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“Alfi Guindi is an effective and impactful licensing attorney who can handle high-stakes situations. He is adaptable and committed to excellence, and he has the ability to present complex technology in a simple manner to potential licensees.”

Alfi Guindi's Profile

Alfi Guindi joined IPValue in June 2015. IPValue is one of the world’s most successful patent licensing companies and has generated more than US$2 billion from patent licensing. Most recently, Mr Guindi co-led the legal operations for one of IPValue’s flagship independent licensing companies, Monterey Research, LLC, since its inception in 2016. His efforts have resulted in substantial negotiated licensing deals with many of the world’s leading semiconductor companies without the need for litigation. Those companies include Samsung, Western Digital, Micron, SK Hynix, Kioxia, Nvidia, Infineon, Xilinx and Winbond, among others. 

While the majority of IPValue’s deals are based on business negotiations, IPValue is prepared to litigate against recalcitrant licensees. This helps ensure that licensees who conduct good-faith negotiations are treated fairly. To that end, Mr Guindi has spearheaded Monterey’s ongoing litigation campaign, including lawsuits in both the United States and Japan, which has sought to enforce Monterey’s patent rights against recalcitrant licensees. These efforts have resulted in favorable settlements with Marvell, Qualcomm, AMD and Broadcom, among others.

Mr Guindi has been a leader in the ecosystem for several years, with experience throughout all aspects of the IP lifecycle. Prior to joining IPValue, he was the lead assertion attorney for Rockstar Consortium’s premier licensing franchises, and a principal architect of Rockstar’s portfolio-wide strategy for monetising SEPs. Prior to that, he held senior in-house positions at Samsung (while living in Korea) and BlackBerry. There, he directed dozens of patent litigations in jurisdictions including the US International Trade Commission and US district courts and courts of appeal, along with German, Italian, French, UK and Australian courts. Prior to going in-house, he practiced law in New York with the elite litigation firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart and Sullivan.

Mr Guindi is a former captain in the US Marine Corps and graduated law school from the University of Pennsylvania, where he also earned a certificate in business policy and management from the Wharton School. His undergraduate degree is from Emory University.

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