Alex Tame

Head of Licensing and IP Management at Oxa
Ranked in Brokering, Defensive patent aggregation, IAM/IC, Licensing, M&A, Technology transfer, Valuation
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Alex Tame's Profile

Alex Tame is Head of Licensing and IP Management at Oxbotica, a UK based global leader in autonomous vehicle software. Alex leads all aspects of company’s IP lifecyle with a core focus on strategy.

Mr Tame is well respected and highly regarded across the industry. He has built his reputation by offering strategic IP guidance and thought leadership to customers ranging from micro-enterprises to large multinationals and investors across Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia.

His career is rooted in the telecoms sector where he spent 16 years for the operator that included 10+ years as the global IP manager.  During his time at Vodafone, Mr Tame was able to combine his commercial and technical background to great effect; providing oversight of Vodafone’s global IP portfolio and associated strategy, he led the company’s IP team through several periods of business change, influenced senior management and delivered revenue to the business through patent sales and licensing while growing the overall size and quality of the IP portfolio. By the end of 2015, Mr Tame had established Vodafone as #6 for UK-headquartered company filings at the EPO.

In April 2017, Mr Tame joined Coller IP and was appointed managing director in July 2017, where he has led the business through a period of significant change that culminated in the eventual sale of the business to top-tier IP firm, Mathys & Squire.

Alex joined Oxbotica in 2019 where he currently leads their IP operations and was influential in transforming the company’s IP strategy in support of a successful Series B fundraising round that closed in 2021.

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