Alex Fasell

Vice President, Marketplace Operations at Avanci/Marconi
Ranked in IP management consultancy, Licensing, M&A, Valuation
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Alex Fasell is a top wireless technology authority with refined technical know-how and a deep understanding of market dynamics. Few individuals combine his level of engineering and business expertise.

Alex Fasell's Profile

Alex Fasell is vice president of marketplace operations at Avanci, the independent, one-stop licensing marketplace that brings together licensors and licensees to share cellular technology for the Internet of Things, including connected vehicles. Avanci is supported by Marconi, which creates and supports independent licensing platforms and programmes relating to the world’s most important technologies.

At Avanci, Mr Fasell oversees and develops marketplace operations and is also involved in the creation and development of licensing platforms.

Prior to joining Avanci in 2016, Mr Fasell was an independent consultant assisting clients around the world within the field of wireless patent licensing. Before that, he was with Ericsson, where he held leadership positions across the globe on both the engineering and business sides of the organisation. As a research engineer, Mr Fasell was a delegate for Ericsson in the standards organisations ARIB, ETSI and 3GPP, actively contributing to standardisation work, while also being involved in developing Ericsson’s radio access network systems.

Mr Fasell is an inventor on numerous patents relating to 2G, 3G and 4G standards, and has authored many academic publications. Later, as a senior member of Ericsson’s global patent licensing team, Alex participated in hundreds of patent licence negotiations and worked on strategic licensing matters and business development.

Mr Fasell received his master of science degree in applied physics and electrical engineering from the Institute of Technology at Linköping University in Sweden. He is multilingual and has lived and worked in many different countries, including Japan and China. Mr Fasell resides in Dublin, Ireland, and enjoys sports, music, reading and spending time with his family.

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