Akiko Araki

Managing Partner at Araki International IP & Law
Ranked in Legal, Licensing
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Firm founder Akiko Araki is a seasoned attorney who feels at home handling cross-border matters. Her time spent in-house for a Japanese company makes her a savvy negotiator when securing big commercial deals, and she effortlessly enhances global portfolios.

Akiko Araki's Profile

Akiko Araki, an attorney-at-law admitted in Japan and California, is the founder of Araki International IP&Law (Araki International). She primarily advises international clients on cross-border intellectual property (IP) and technology matters including patent licensing and litigation, trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks. She has considerable experience in handling global portfolio licensing in the areas of standard essential patents (SEPs) and patent pooling.

She founded Araki International in the summer of 2021, with a strong motivation to create a cutting-edge new law firm based in Tokyo, Japan, especially focusing on cross-border IP transactions and litigations. Since its launch, she has helped her clients in concluding several key deals and settling IP disputes. Matters she has handled include:

  • Represented a client in multiple global patent portfolio licensing and patent acquisition deals and led the successful conclusions of these deals
  • Represented a client in a settlement discussion in a patent dispute, involving multiple stakeholders, and led to the conclusion of a settlement agreement that is preferable to the client
  • Represented a client in an investment and collaboration transactions involving IP assets
  • Supported a client in reviewing and negotiating patent pooling transactions
  • Supported clients in handling IT transactions, such as software development agreements


She leads her team in helping Araki International clients, and is keen to further expand and strengthen the firm’s team in the upcoming years.

She is also active in writing and speaking engagements, and enjoys collaborations with industry leaders. Examples include the following:

  • "The Latest Issues on NFT and Metaverse focusing on Intellectual Property Issues" Business & Law (December 2022) (in Japanese)
  • “Emerging Technologies” IPBC Asia, IAM(November 2022)
  • "Recent Development on the US Intellectual Property Law" at Tohoku University Seminar hosted by Head Office of enterprise Partnerships, Tohoku University (June 2022) (in Japanese)


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