Afzana Anwer

Head of Intellectual Property at Britishvolt
Ranked in IP management consultancy, Legal, Licensing, M&A, Technology transfer
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Afzana Anwer's Profile

Dr Afzana Anwer is Head of IP at Britishvolt with extensive worldwide experience over 20 years robustly proactively managing risk across the IP lifecycle aligning with business objectives. She presently advises highly driven entrepreneurial fast moving agile teams at the cutting edge of sustainable battery technologies for all applications in the race to electrification and transition to zero carbon. Britishvolt is a foremost investor in battery technologies having raised an impressive £1.78 billion in equity investment since launching in 2019 placing the UK at the heart of the global roadmap to electrification.

Afzana advises company-wide teams on the capture, protection, defence, enforcement, and exploitation of battery technologies for a consolidated IP strategic approach, such as for optimising cell development for lithium-ion batteries.  Afzana takes a pivotal pragmatic approach when it comes to transactional work with strategic partners, suppliers, joint venturers, universities, and customers to manage IP supply chain risk and customer expectations, such as procuring specialised equipment for building gigafactories around the world, or strategic acquisition for market lead. With a problem solution approach, Afzana fosters an IP innovation culture to breakdown challenges faced, for example, when developing high performance applications, energy storage solutions, or creating the next generation of batteries.

Dr Afzana Anwer is uniquely placed with advanced science degrees (University of Cambridge/Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and dual legal qualifications (Massachusetts/USA and Roll of Solicitors/UK). Afzana has regularly contributed to the IP community and trend setting in gap areas of the law for new emerging technologies.

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