Adam S Rizk

Partner at Mintz
Ranked in Brokering, Defensive patent aggregation, IP auctions, IP management consultancy, Legal, Licensing, Valuation
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Adam Rizk is “an excellent communicator, a tireless worker for his clients’ interests and a top ITC litigator with a strong sense of tactics”. “He is also extremely good at tying litigation assertions of patents into broader licensing deals.”

Adam S Rizk's Profile

Adam Rizk is a partner in the IP group at Mintz.  He focuses his practice on IP monetization, litigation, and strategic IP transactions.  He represents clients in high-tech patent litigation in the International Trade Commission and Federal District Courts, and provides strategic counseling on portfolio management, mining, valuation, and IP revenue generation through patent sales, licensing, and multinational enforcement initiatives.  He has handled some of the most noteworthy cases in the semiconductor device fabrication, processor, and video display industries on behalf of clients such as Globalfoundries and AMD.

Mr. Rizk brings a unique combination of technical knowledge and experience, strategic insight, and exceptional legal skill to his work as a patent transactions attorney and IP litigator. Mr. Rizk’s technical background, which includes a masters in electrical engineering and work as a lead engineer before entering the legal profession, helps him truly understand clients’ technologies.  He uses that knowledge to help develop and successfully implement complex patent enforcement strategies which include global negotiations and litigation proceedings. 

Mr. Rizk leads litigation teams at the International Trade Commission, enforcing patents against global manufacturers on behalf of patent owners ranging from entities with small portfolios to those owning thousands of patent families.  This often includes leading interdisciplinary teams of technologists, expert witnesses, and litigators; coordinating complex international discovery; and examining witnesses and delivering oral argument at trial. 

While acting as point person on ITC investigations, he helps to devise strategy for, and works closely with, litigators handling parallel cases in Federal District courts and in non-U.S. venues in China, Germany, Brazil, the UK and other countries. Through these efforts he creates consistent strategy for all cases, and enables the strongest outcome across all proceedings.

From among client patent holdings, Mr. Rizk helps clients identify the patents which have the greatest market potential, and devises and implements company-by-company monetization strategies based on the characteristics of individual infringers and their products. 

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