This year, IAM will be conducting in-depth research for the 11th edition of its major unique publication, IAM Patent 1000: The World’s Leading Patent Professionals. The guide will identify and review the top firms and individuals engaged in patent prosecution, litigation and transactions practice in over 40 jurisdictions.

Why you should participate

The patent legal market is becoming increasingly competitive; in the most recent research cycle, more firms engaged in the process than ever before to set themselves apart in a crowded field. By providing us with insight on your practice through the submission and interview, it increases your chances of:

  • Appearing in the rankings
  • Being accurately positioned on the tables
  • Having more of your leading individuals selected for inclusion
  • Having a more detailed and informative write-up

How to participate

Firms participate in our research by providing written submissions and client contact details for reference purposes – and by making leading patent practice representatives available for interviews.

Submissions and interviews are used by the research team to gain insights into the leading patent practices; we are keen to learn about the clients firms work with, the nature of the matters they undertake, their unique selling points and the qualities and attributes of their leading individuals and future leaders.

For the first time, IAM is using a proprietary survey tool to enable firms to upload their submissions securely. We have taken a security-led approach to designing this tool with the confidentiality of your data as our primary consideration. Collecting the information in this way will allow us to better analyse your firm’s practice and accurately reflect it in our analysis. Firms will require a personalised hyperlink and password to the secure submission form which, if not already provided, can be obtained from the research editor.

Research materials for download

We hope the online form is self-explanatory and easy to use, however instructions for its completion can be downloaded here. Please read these carefully prior to and as you complete the submission

The client contact sheet can be downloaded here. Please ensure this is completed alongside the online submission form.

A Word version of the submission form can be downloaded here. While we recommend you complete the online form, if you would prefer to send your submission directly via email as in previous years, we would be happy to continue to receive it in that fashion; please ensure it is in Word format.

Research timeline

The deadline for submissions is Monday September 26 2022.

Research interviews will take place from the submission deadline date through October and November. There will be a narrower interview window for each jurisdiction, which the researcher for your jurisdiction will be able to provide information on. The guide will be published in June 2023.

The research team

  • Head of Law Firm Research: Nicholas Richardson
  • Head of Research, IAM: Asma Abbarova
  • Deputy Head of Research: Sophie Storrs
  • Senior Research Analyst: Samuel Lo
  • Research Analyst: Andrew Murray
  • Research Analyst: Barret Reiter
  • Research Analyst: Michael Dohnji
  • Research Analyst: Mina Solaimani-Nabi
  • Research Analyst: Paige Sullivan
  • Research Analyst: Sara Nowak

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