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Long admired among peers for its superb technical command, China Science Patent & Trademark Agent is recognised for both its stellar prosecution and contentious offering. Leading the charge is Wei Zhao, who is senior partner, vice president and heads the electronics group. He has particular expertise in one of the hottest technologies on the current patent market, serving as an independent evaluator of the H.265 standard for a well-known patent pool. His colleague Bin Ni is one of the attorneys bringing notice to the firm’s contentious practice and is a wizard when it comes to CNIPA invalidation proceedings.

Wei Zhao's Profile

Wei Zhao’s technical expertise covers the areas of electronics and electrical engineering, telecommunications and semiconductors. Since joining China Science Patent & Trademark Agent Ltd (CSPTAL) in 2003, Mr Zhao has been advising clients on procurement of patent rights, patent searches, opinions on patentability, re-examination and invalidation proceedings, infringement analysis and litigation.

In the context of the development of artificial intelligence and the Chinese government’s Internet+ initiative, Mr Zhao has drafted hundreds of patent applications, as well as provided his professional and pertinent legal opinions to both parties involved in IP disputes, especially with regard to the quality of patent documents.

Mr Zhao first assessed standard-essential patents in 2006 in relation to 3GPP standards. He is now acting as an independent evaluator for the standard of ITU-T H.265 for a famous patent pool.

Mr Zhao qualified as a patent attorney before the State Intellectual Property Office in 2006. He became an authorised patent litigator before the Supreme Court in 2013, and represents clients in litigation proceedings before the Chinese courts.

In 2016 Mr Zhao was awarded the Beijing Outstanding Patent Agent of the Year award. He frequently speaks at IP conferences and forums – his April 2017 speech entitled “Discussion on Several Issues of Internet Innovation Patent Application” at the China Intellectual Property High-Level Protection Forum led to an interview on China Central Television.

Before joining CSPTAL, Mr Zhao took part in the Optical Communication Network and Node Research Project of the National 863 Key Project, responsible for the development of cross-nodes of optical networks. He also participated in the Mobile IPv6 Project at Lucent-Bell Laboratory.

Mr Zhao obtained a BE from the Electronic Engineering Department of Tsinghua University with a major in physico-electronics and opto-electronics. He also gained an MS from the Information Opto-electronics Research Centre of the Electronic Engineering Department of Tsinghua University.

Firm Profile

China Science Patent & Trademark Agent Ltd (CSPTAL) is a full-service IP law firm. Established in 1984, and one of the first firms granted a special licence by the State Council to handle foreign-related IP matters, CSPTAL has actively represented its foreign and domestic clients in their pursuits of IP rights and protection for over 37 years. It is recognised as a premier IP firm by peers and clients all over the world.

With more than 300 employees, including over 160 patent attorneys, CSPTAL has become one of the largest IP firms in China and features among the top five IP firms in terms of quality and quantity of work. CSPTAL is committed to providing high-quality services to meet its clients’ needs and maximising the value of their IP assets in China.

Technical expertise

A sophisticated level of technical knowledge and practical experience enables us to imagine what stems out of an inventor’s ingenuity being used in as many relevant technologies as possible. This approach offers a significant benefit to our clients when drafting, prosecuting and litigating patents. Every one of the firm’s 160-plus professionals has a science or engineering degree, with 80 per cent holding a master’s and 17 per cent a PhD in a wide range of technical disciplines. More than one-third of our professionals have worked in R&D in universities, research institutes and industries before starting their patent law practice. Our technical expertise is further extended and strengthened through the continued recruitment of new talent from China’s most prestigious universities.

International experience

CSPTAL’s attorneys have extensive experience working with overseas companies and organisations. A large portion of our clients are multinational companies from every part of the world, which we support to protect, exploit and litigate their IP rights in China. We also provide a full complement of patent and trademark agency services to associate firms all over the world.

Many of our attorneys studied, worked or received professional training in the United States, Japan, Europe and Canada, especially in law firms. We also have a policy of sending our attorneys on secondment to foreign law firms or clients’ sites abroad to keep abreast of developments in IP practice in important jurisdictions, and to better understand clients’ needs.

Full coverage on IP services

Our IP services include a wide range of activities: procurement and enforcement of IP rights, licensing and litigation of these rights, IP portfolio management and corporate IP strategy consultancies.

Our patent service covers all technical fields, including electronics and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry and chemical engineering, pharmaceutical and biotechnology with regard to:

  • drafting and prosecution of patent applications;
  • re-examination, invalidation and appeals;
  • judicial and administrative litigations;
  • counselling on corporate IP assets management;
  • opinions on infringement and/or validity;
  • patent search and analysis; and
  • technology licensing and transfer.

Our trademark service includes:

  • registration, renewal, assignment and licensing;
  • re-examination, cancellation, opposition, disputes and administrative litigations; and
  • infringement litigations and administrative enforcement.

The firm’s services further include:

  • copyright litigations and registration of software copyright;
  • enforcement of IP rights with Customs; and
  • protection of domain names.

Quality assurance

The quality of our work is paramount to us and we therefore invest heavily in quality assurance systems. High-quality work is achieved by using not only a team of excellent attorneys but also a well-established quality control mechanism. A firm-wide quality committee is established to closely monitor daily work quality. The quality committee is made up of senior members of the firm. It sets forth the standards of service and organises mandatory training programmes to ensure that these standards are met.


We are active in most major IP organisations, including INTA, the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, the All-China Patent Agents Association and the China Intellectual Property Society. Our attorneys attend and often speak at international and domestic IP conferences and forums, thus contributing to shaping the Chinese IP legal system.

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