Verasak Maiwatana

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Foreign associates of Satyapon & Partners praise it for holding an “unrivalled standard of diligent, ethical and professional services”. They feel confident leaving their “most precious, top-tier clients” in the hands of a “reliable, efficient team which offers first-rate services and advice in every respect”. One comments that what initially drew them in was “Satyapon Sachdecha’s passion for intellectual property”, referring to his significant contributions to the international and local IP communities during his 10 years as the chair of the Intellectual Property Association of Thailand. Possessing qualifications in highly technical fields, the practitioners at Satyapon & Partners are well-equipped to handle highly complex cases. A recent widely publicised patent infringement case for Panasonic resulted in the largest product seizure in Thai history. Working alongside Sachdecha, Verasak Maiwatana is “the most trustworthy patent agent in Thailand by far”. He is a veteran with a level of experience that is hard to beat, for he is the former director of the Thai patent office, has served as a patent examiner, director of the IP management division and head of the PCT receiving office.

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