Stojan Arnerstål

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Vinge’s forward-thinking patent group has made a name for itself in the Swedish IP scene for its outstanding skill set in the life sciences industry, where it represents the likes of Merck, Sharp & Dohme (MSD) and other pharmaceutical companies. Håkan Borgenhäll and Malin Malm Waerme bring their expertise to the MSD matter – an invalidity action brought by KRKA against one of MSD’s SPCs for its anti-diabetic drug Janumet. “Håkan is a fierce and thorough practitioner. He has a panoramic perspective and a solid understanding of technology, which allows him to uncover important details that produce favourable results.” “Malin is a brilliant attorney who excels in fostering long-lasting client relationships and has a robust grasp of complex legal issues spanning the complete IP domain.” Making her debut in the IAM Patent 1000 this year, “Åsa Hellstadius is a bright, hardworking individual. She draws on her deep understanding of intellectual property to navigate intricate legal and strategic situations.” Promoted to counsel in 2022, Stojan Arnerstål is a transactional ace and embodies the breadth of mandates entrusted to the firm. Lately, he has been assisting biopharmaceutical company Cinclus Pharma Holding to accelerate their commercialisation strategy and broaden their shareholder base.

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