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Hill, Kertscher & Wharton is a go-to firm for global corporations, start-ups, and everyone in between who finds themselves embroiled in intricate disputes. Well versed in multi-layered litigations involving patent infringement and other claims, Steven Hill has an outstanding track record and many high-profile wins to his name. Hill is a big-picture thinker and stays one step ahead to effectively defend and enforce his clients’ IP rights. Recently joining the team and making his IAM Patent 1000 debut this year is David Ludwig. A passionate litigator, meticulous practitioner and trusted strategic adviser, Ludwig is focused on creating effective strategies to bring about business-driven outcomes.

Steven G Hill's Profile

In 2018 IAM described Steven G Hill as “an accomplished trial lawyer with a proven record of success in multi-million-dollar brawls… he knows how to defend companies’ intellectual property from every conceivable angle”. There are good reasons for this statement. Since his career began in 1994, Mr Hill has served as lead counsel in over 250 cases in courts throughout the United States, including over 125 patent infringement cases. One of Mr Hill’s earliest patent cases as lead counsel went to trial in the Eastern District of Virginia, often called the “rocket docket” for its speed to trial. There, Mr Hill’s client recovered over £1 million against a Fortune 500 company.

His successes include other multi-million-dollar recoveries for IP owners, as well as defence victories for clients accused of infringement. Recently, after successfully defending three companies against over 20 patents, Mr Hill’s team persuaded the court to award his clients their attorney’s fees. Mr Hill’s past experiences include defending five companies in a multi-district patent case where 261 parties were accused of infringement. Additionally, Mr Hill has extensive post-grant patent review trial experience before the US Patent Trial and Appeals Board, representing patent owners and parties accused of infringement.

Mr Hill’s successes result from a combination of excellent training in competitive public speaking, legal writing, a hands-on approach to his cases and applying the lessons he has learned in the many patent cases in which he has participated as lead counsel. Because Mr Hill’s practice is divided evenly between representation of patent owners and defendants accused of infringement, he is able to plot strategy and anticipate the opposition with a level of precision that may elude less-experienced counsel. In short, his exceptional training as a legal writer and a public speaker and his record of past experience have equipped him to handle IP cases with a unique level of sophistication.


Firm Profile

The law firm of Hill, Kertscher & Wharton LLP (HKW), based in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, has earned an international reputation for achieving positive results in complex IP matters. From litigating sophisticated technology patents in the United States to successfully securing licensing rights for companies across the globe, the HKW team continues to provide top-tier, cost-effective solutions to individuals and organisations of all sizes.

Founded in 1999, the firm has amassed considerable experience in a wide array of patent issues, including prosecution and procurement, litigation, portfolio management and licensing across industries such as computer arts, healthcare and pharma, electrical and mechanical engineering, chemistry and aerospace.

According to firm co-founder and director of the IP practice group Steven G Hill, the firm’s success is based on an unwavering commitment to its clients:

We simply believe in earning our clients’ trust and confidence every single day, regardless of the magnitude of the challenges their matters present or the amount of work we must do to achieve the right outcome.

Patent litigation

HKW continues to be a leader in the patent litigation field, having successfully resolved hundreds of disputes on behalf of clients worldwide. The firm has successfully handled patent-related claims in trial courts and appellate courts throughout the United States. Our litigation team has extensive experience in every phase of patent litigation, including due diligence, discovery, alternative dispute resolution, trial and appeals. We take a team-based approach in most cases, staffing the case based on the client’s needs, budget and objective of the litigation. Our litigation team leaders average over 25 years of law practice experience and are well versed in all aspects of high-stakes patent litigation. Most recently, our team successfully defended three computer manufacturers accused of infringing 25 US patents, with more than $1 million in attorney’s fees awarded to our clients.

Patent prosecution and licensing

Our team of proven patent lawyers brings significant experience to all phases of the procurement and protection process, including prosecution, licensing, portfolio management and strategic counselling. In the past five years, HKW’s patent experts have represented German, UK and Dutch organisations in a variety of matters before the US Patent Office, and have a proven record of positive outcomes in the filing of US national phase applications.

Post-grant review

Post-grant review of US patents continues to be an important tool in patent litigation cases. Our partners have amassed an impressive record in post-grant review trials, particularly in inter partes review (IPR) proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. HKW’s team has been ranked in the Patexia IPR Intelligence Report as a top 20 law firm for its work in this field.

HKW’s ability to obtain exceptional results for clients has not gone unnoticed. The firm’s patent attorneys are routinely recognised for excellence in the practice of law by their peers, as well as independent lawyer rating services such as the IAM Patent 1000, Best Lawyers in America, Martindale-Hubbell, Thomson Reuters and Avvo.

In addition to its thriving patent practice, HKW provides legal services to individuals and businesses in the areas trademark, copyright and trade secrets, as well as corporate transactions and governance, employment law and insurance coverage. We are committed to providing a diverse and inclusive workplace and treating all individuals with respect and dignity.

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