Rotem Cohen

Senior Associate at Luthi & Co. (CDS-LUTHI Group)
Ranked in Israel
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Bronze - Individuals: litigation

Specialists in IP litigation, Luthi + Co go above and beyond to provide expansive IP services to service users from across the world. The technology-focused and highly educated team handle complex litigation cases both in Israel and in other jurisdictions including the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Australia and Brazil. Managing partner Richard Luthi has almost four decades of experience in the IP sphere and has been lead counsel on numerous high-profile patent litigation cases. Patrons appreciate his sharp legal acumen and committed advocacy, with one noting that: “Richard is one of the best patent litigators I have ever worked with in the world!” Described as a top leader in the patent field, Daniel Lerner uses his extensive technical and legal experience to comb through the details of a case and identify core arguments for litigation.  An expert in pharmaceutical patent cases, Martin Binnes attracts big hitters in the industry due to his deep technical knowledge. New to the guide this year is Rotem Cohen, whose ability to handle the most complex IP litigation cases makes her incredibly popular. 

Rotem Cohen's Profile

Rotem provides legal counsel mainly to major high-tech and pharmaceutical companies, and has extensive professional experience in the various fields of Intellectual Property, including patents, trade secrets, trade marks and copyright. In addition, Rotem advises Clients on various issues concerning the protection of trademarks. Rotem also took part in advising the research based pharmaceutical industry in discussions with the Government and at the Knesset (The Israeli Parliament).

Since joining the firm as an associate in 2000, Rotem mainly gained extensive experience in patent-related cases including cases concerning the question of ownership of inventions in employer-employee relations (service inventions).

Firm Profile

Luthi & Co is a boutique law firm, established in 1986 by Richard Luthi, which specialises in IP litigation. While the firm’s expertise encompasses all areas of IP litigation, including patents, designs, copyright, trademarks, passing off and trade secrets, it is particularly renowned – both in Israel and abroad – for its patent litigation practice. The litigation group is headed by Mr Luthi, considered by many to be Israel’s leading patent litigator.

With over 35 years of experience, Luthi & Co has been involved in many of the most important IP cases in Israel and has been instrumental in establishing Israeli IP jurisprudence.

Luthi & Co has extensive experience in handling complex cases in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, aerospace, communications, high-tech, consumer product manufacturers and many more. Its expertise in handling complex IP cases also benefits from the fact that, in addition to law degrees, many members of our team also hold scientific degrees in pharmaceutics, biology, physics – among other disciplines – as well as advanced business degrees.

Luthi & Co is also well known outside Israel and is frequently retained to assist and advise clients on patent litigation matters abroad, for example in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe (for representation before the EPO), Australia, Canada and Brazil. There are only a few firms globally that offer such a service and certainly no other in Israel.

Our firm also handles complex commercial IP transactions for various clients and offers practical advice on designing and implementing strategies for leveraging IP assets, such as licensing agreements, joint ventures and franchising, as part of our services in managing and utilising intellectual property.

In October 2022 Luthi & Co formed a new IP group jointly with the leading patent attorney firm Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co (CDS). The name of the new group is CDS-LUTHI.

Following the establishment of the CDS-LUTHI Group, Luthi & Co has become the litigation department of the group and CDS is the prosecution department of the group.

Together, the group is able to offer both litigation and prosecution services of the highest quality.


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