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“Intensity is a large organisation with a deep bench; its team are great in critical cases as testifying and consulting expert witnesses, and they produce an excellent work product that delivers favourable results.” Captain of the team Ryan Sullivan “is a top-notch expert. He is incredibly smart, thoughtful, analytical and creative; he has excellent communication skills and a strong sense of integrity.” Sullivan has recently conducted economic analysis and provided testimony at an eight-day trial in a patent infringement dispute on behalf of Juno Therapeutics. The resulting damages awarded by the jury totalled $752 million, not including potential future running royalties, which precisely matched the testimony provided by Sullivan. Richard Brady also worked on this matter and is described by one patron as “having a commitment to excellence. It is great working with him.” Nisha Mody, Aminta Raffalovich and Steven Schwartz are also key names to note. “Nisha delivers strong, focused, and thorough reports and her testimony is clear and precise. She comes across as polished and likeable to the jury, as well as extremely intelligent with a strong knowledge of damages law and recent developments.” Raffalovich is a seasoned and sophisticated expert who covers all bases in her analyses. Schwartz thinks outside of the box to deliver tailored solutions to his clients and is brilliant at distilling complex material in a clear and coherent way for juries. IAM Patent 1000 newcomers Bruce Blacker and Richard Manning each earn glowing references from the market: “Bruce is extremely knowledgeable, resourceful and is a great teacher for the court”; while “Richard brings a thoughtfulness and level of analysis that is very helpful. He is pragmatic, not easily flustered, has good judgement and is able to find solutions to problems.”

Richard Brady's Profile

Richard Brady, PhD, is a managing director at Intensity, a Secretariat company, with expertise in microeconomics and financial analysis. Dr Brady’s experience includes high-stakes litigation matters involving the life sciences, biotechnology, consumer technology, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, semiconductor, software-as-a-service (SaaS), music, tobacco, and tech industries.

Dr Brady has taken the lead on several of Intensity’s matters at the International Trade Commission and in several high-profile cases in US District Courts. Notably, he managed Intensity’s work on the Juno Therapeutics v Kite Pharma matter from the pre-litigation phase through trial completion and was instrumental in helping secure a full damages award for Intensity’s client, Juno Therapeutics. Outside the context of litigation, Dr Brady has provided strategic licensing guidance to companies with foundational patent portfolios.

Known for his responsiveness to client requests, Dr Brady is sought for his ability to deliver thorough and detailed analyses under a tight deadline, even delivering substantive work product within 24 hours when needed. According to IAM, Dr Brady “has a remarkable ability to digest and synthesize complicated records” and “is a driving force in developing damages theories [and] in preparing the lengthy and detailed expert reports necessary for complex cases.” IAM also added that Dr Brady’s “skill, intelligence, work ethic and tenacity make him indispensable.”

Dr Brady has applied his expertise on economic issues pertaining to intellectual property disputes, financial matters, contract and commercial disputes, licensing issues, and antitrust & competition. His experience includes:

  • Lost profits;
  • Reasonable royalties;
  • Economic domestic industry;
  • Unjust enrichment;
  • Competition;
  • Music copyright and trademark valuation;
  • Public interest analysis;
  • Commercial success;
  • Prejudgment interest;
  • Injunctive relief;
  • Bond analysis;
  • Market definition;
  • Irreparable harm;
  • Breach of contract; and
  • Loss in company value.


Firm Profile

Intensity, a Secretariat company, is a professional services firm that generates powerful research, analysis and expertise to solve the most complex challenges in the marketplace and courtroom, especially in the areas of economics, finance and statistics. Using world-class academic training and industry expertise, Intensity’s professionals conduct thorough research and analysis, develop independent conclusions and articulate these conclusions in ways that help decision-makers – from corporate executives to judges and juries – make informed decisions.

Intensity’s success centres on a simple formula of meticulous research, insightful analysis and effective communications. This formula provides top organisations with unmatched quality, reliability and responsiveness. The company is therefore proud to have clients that include Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Novartis, MasterCard and Adobe, and to have established itself as a top-tier expert services firm among the Am Law 200 for high-stakes litigation and disputes.

Here is an example of the many accolades bestowed on the company (client testimony):

We had a case with some tough economic issues in terms of isolating the effect of alleged conduct separate and apart from other factors that influenced competition and financial performance. Intensity rose to the challenge and quickly created an analysis that was both sophisticated and intuitive. Indeed, Intensity’s analysis successfully survived intense scrutiny from three opposing experts! It is always a pleasure working with the Intensity team.

Since the company’s founding in 2006, the core building block of success has rested on having an outstanding group of talented professionals. A five-time winner of the San Diego Business Journal’s annual Best Places to Work Awards, Intensity understands that hiring the best ensures stellar work and optimal outcomes for its clients.

Intensity continued its impressive growth by joining Secretariat in early 2023. Secretariat is a boutique consultancy of more than 340 people collaborating at every level and across all global jurisdictions to deliver the service and excellence for which the firm has become renowned. The acquisition adds nearly 50 experts to the Secretariat roster and expands the firm’s presence throughout the United States, including San Diego, New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago and Washington DC.

Intensity is also proud to announce that seven of its professionals are recognised as experts by IAM. This adds to the roster of recognised IAM experts dating back to 2014 and continuing annually ever since.

Intensity has exceptional knowledge of the economics of intellectual property and technology across a spectrum of life sciences, electronics and other industries. The following two examples highlight our expertise:

  • two verdicts totalling in excess of $3 billion based upon the expert testimony of an Intensity economist, who provided trial testimony on behalf of VLSI Technology in patent litigation involving Intel’s microprocessors; and
  • a jury that awarded $752 million based upon the expert testimony of an Intensity economist, who provided trial testimony on behalf of Juno Therapeutics and Sloan Kettering in patent litigation involving cancer immunotherapy.

The company continues its ambitious plans to build upon historic successes.

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