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Recently merged with Broad & Bright Law Firm, full-service AnJie Law Firm never disappoints its patrons when it comes to high-stakes litigations. Legal nous is supplied in abundance by its IP team – many of whom are former senior judges, former senior examiners and litigators and are preferred by leading China high-tech companies, internet companies and foremost innovators. Qinghui (Nick) Liu, ex-IP judge at Beijing High People’s Court, spearheads the IP department with aplomb. Throughout his career, he has handled over 2,000 IP-related civil and administrative cases, many of which had profound impacts on the IP industry practice. He recently represented AstraZeneca in a series of very tricky patent invalidation cases.

Qinghui (Nick) Liu's Profile

Qinghui (Nick) Liu is a highly experienced and respected lawyer who concentrates his practice on the full spectrum of intellectual property, antitrust and competition, litigation and arbitration.

Prior to joining Anjie Law Firm, Dr Liu served as an IP judge in the Beijing High People’s Court. He had tried more than 2,000 IP cases, including civil cases regarding patents, trademarks, copyright, trade secrets and unfair competition disputes, as well as administrative cases regarding patent re-examination, patent invalidation, trademark re-examination and trademark invalidation, many of which had a profound impact on the IP industry practice. Dr Liu especially specialises in cases regarding SEPs, pharmaceutical patents, trademarks and trade secrets.

As a partner of AnJie Law Firm, Dr Liu has handled numerous high-profile patent and other IP litigation, such as Sharp v OPPO (a very famous SEP case in China, which was rated as one of the top 10 IP cases in Chinese courts in 2020), AstraZeneca v Patent Re-examination Board (a milestone case for chemical compound-related inventions, which was rated as one of the 50 typical IP cases in Chinese courts in 2018) and Qualcomm v Apple.

Dr Liu published three IP-related academic monographs, Guideline for Patent Infringement Litigation in China, Application of the Law on Invention/Utility Model Administrative Lawsuits – Rules and Cases and Liability of Internet Service Providers on Indirect Intellectual Property Infringement. These books received wide acclaim among lawyers in China and are regarded as guidelines for resolving various IP-related issues. Dr Liu has also published many influential IP-related articles and essays in some well-known journals and magazines.

Dr Liu is often invited as a guest of honour by major IP conferences and conventions, where he has delivered keynote speeches on patent administrative litigation practices and issues, the rules for determining patent infringement and interpreting patent claims, and the rules for determining trademark infringement, among other topics.

Firm Profile

AnJie Law Firm is a leading China law firm providing full services to both international and domestic clients, including Fortune 500 companies, large state-owned enterprises, financial institutions, as well as leading private companies. Since its establishment, AnJie has been growing rapidly and currently employs more than 300 professionals.

The firm’s lawyers are well-regarded experts in their professional fields. Their deep understanding of the legal and regulatory landscape and strong practical experience have led them to handle numerous high-stakes cases in the Chinese courts. AnJie’s lawyers are often consulted by regulators on leading legal and policy issues, and have built strong work relationships with government agencies; our partners have worked in leading international and domestic law firms, and many are qualified to practise both in China and abroad.

AnJie’s lawyers frequently speak at major international legal and business conferences and actively contribute to well-known legal and academic journals. They also regularly lecture at prominent educational institutions and are retained as adjunct professors, graduate supervisors and fellow researchers.

Intellectual property is one of the firm’s leading practices. Our IP partners hold law degrees (LLMs and JDs) from universities in China, Europe and the United States, and have a background in engineering and science. They have rich experience in the various fields of intellectual property, including trademarks, copyright, patents, technical secrets, domain names and designations of origin. In addition, they enjoy a good relationship with the Chinese courts, the Copyright Protection Centre, the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board and the State Intellectual Property Office.

AnJie has an impressive track record in resolving IP disputes. Representing both claimants and defendants, it protects the rights and interests of its customers through litigation, arbitration and negotiation. AnJie guides and helps clients establish and improve their intangible assets by providing copyright, trademark and patent application services. The firm also provides technology transactions, including cross-border IP trade (transfer, licensing, package buy-out), cross-licensing, joint ventures, cooperative institutions, project cooperation and so on to help customers first establish and then expand their market share through their IP rights. AnJie also provides clients with a variety of counselling services, including policy advice, IP acquisition and protection strategy consulting – continually expanding its IP practice to support its clients.

Practice areas


Our patent team increasingly becomes the top choice for high-stakes patent litigation, for both international and domestic companies. Our members have an exceptional track record, including securing preliminary injunctions for international pharmaceutical and chemical industry clients, and obtaining successful settlement for complex cross-border litigations. Our attorneys have advanced technical degrees in fields such as wireless communication, engineering, chemistry, physics and computers. Our attorneys have prosecuted numerous patent applications in various technology fields in China and in the United States.


Our team members have years of experience representing leading international and domestic companies in handling clearance searches, trademark applications and commercial brand agreements. We also assist our clients in enforcing and defending their rights through cease-and-desist activities, trademark oppositions and cancellation proceedings, anti-counterfeiting actions, customs claims, and civil and criminal litigation.


AnJie’s attorneys have handled some of the highest-profile cases relating to copyright recordation, licensing, enforcement and dispute resolution. Our experience spans a wide range of industries, including computer software, entertainment and media.

Trade secrets

China has made steady improvement in trade secret protection, even though this remains at the centre of numerous trade disputes. We have developed best practice in enforcing trade secrets and have very valuable, first-hand experience in criminal and civil enforcement in this area.

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