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For those who are in need of efficient filing, adept portfolio management and staunch defence of their patent rights in China, look no further than Linda Liu & Partners. Japanese clients have flocked to the Beijing partnership to assure sanctuary for their most important inventions at the CNIPA, but its reputation as the foremost safeguarder in the country flies further than the continent – it has recently assisted leading European tech giants in re-examining their critical invention patents. Seasoned litigator Sai Chen acquits herself with distinction in contentious disputes, which recently include a pair of big wins in design cases. Over at the prosecution unit, Tsinghua University PhD Junping Yan is a dab hand when it comes to materials science and inorganic chemistry, relishing the most complicated briefs. Having passed the U.S. Patent Bar in 2018, Nancy Song has been a key contact for the firm’s US clients and a redoubtable ally in IP strategy, portfolio management and technology transfer agreements. Another favourite of the international crowd is Peter (Baoyu) Zhang, who is equally comfortable getting stuck into a patent application and drafting an opinion for upcoming litigation. Turning his trained eye to all manner of biotech patent work, Wenhan Liu draws on subject-matter expertise and CNIPA experience to spell out how foreign companies can get better grants. Chuck (Chunqiao) WangHank (Xianhua) Shen and Yu Yan are among those making their debuts in the IAM Patent 1000 this year. Both Wang and Shen have excellent technical fluency and excel at both patent drafting and re-examination; Tokyo University chemistry PhD Yan has acted on high-profile invalidity cases throughout his career.

Peter (Baoyu) Zhang's Profile

Peter (Baoyu) Zhang has two decades of experience in IP systems, serving global clients from the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries. He worked as a patent examiner at the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) for 12 years before joining Linda Liu & Partners in 2013.

Mr Zhang obtained his master’s degree from Sophia University in Japan and BE in photo-electrical engineering from Wuhan University. He studied civil and commercial economic law at the China University of Political Science and Law. He also attended the high-level IP training course organised by WIPO and CNIPA in Geneva.

Peter actively keeps himself updated on the latest developments of international IP laws, and maintains close communication with foreign patent attorneys, so as to provide clients with high-quality and reliable services.

Mr Zhang provides foreign companies with IP strategy planning, patent mining, patent portfolio building, patent procurement, patent re-examination, invalidation and administrative litigation, patent validity assessment and infringement assessment – among other services.

He has led a special group providing services to a US client on its invalidation proceedings in China. The group challenged several SEPs owned by non-practising entities.

Mr Zhang has built the domestic department of Linda Liu & Partners and leads a team serving China's top-tier innovative enterprises.

He has set up an e-commerce IP rights protection team, providing clients with infringement complaints and link-deleting services on e-commerce platforms, and helping e-commerce merchants respond to unfair infringement complaints.

He is experienced in managing transnational IP due diligence projects and high-stakes invalidation projects where multiple parties are involved. He often plays a pivotal role in pushing forward these projects and keeping each party working together efficiently so as to deliver a satisfactory result for the clients, in addition to providing his professional opinion on Chinese patent practice.

Mr Zhang has featured in IAM Patent 1000 since 2017. As a US attorney who often needs detailed guidance from Chinese associates, I know I can count on Peter Zhang and his colleagues to deliver thorough analysis on matters, as well as concrete suggestions for moving forward,” reports one respondent. Mr Zhang is also included in the Beijing Intellectual Property Expert Database as an IP expert. He is also recognised as overseas IP dispute guiding expert by the Zhejiang IP Office.

Firm Profile

Linda Liu Intellectual Property (IP) comprises Linda Liu & Partners and Wei Chixue Law Firm, providing prosecution and litigation services respectively; it has evolved from a boutique firm to a sought-after firm among Fortune 500 companies for quality IP procurement and enforcement in China. Since our founding in 2003 by Linda Liu, we have adhered to the principles of honesty and trustworthiness, respecting our clients, valuing people and encouraging teamwork, as well as guaranteeing the quality of our work and ceaselessly improving the skills of our team members. Driven by our values, Linda Liu IP has gained an outstanding reputation in the IP field.

We have 351 members, including 127 patent attorneys, 31 patent engineers, 25 trademark attorneys, 24 attorneys at law and 11 trainee attorneys. Many members hold PhDs in science and engineering, or have been educated overseas. Our patent experts work in four languages – English, German, Japanese and Chinese. Our headquarters are in Beijing and we have branch offices in Shanghai, Suzhou and Dalian.

Some 60% of the firm’s partners are female, the highest rate of female partners of all Chinese law firms. We attach great importance to offering varied opportunities to young employees, such as participating in in-person meetings with clients and joining the teams working on high-stakes cases. We also give our full attention and care to female employees. Training the younger generation and supporting our female colleagues have been part of our philosophy since our founding.

We provide a full line of services relating to intellectual property and have established fully fledged departments for the prosecution of patents covering all technical disciplines concerned with intellectual property. The team boasts a unique combination of international education backgrounds and experience working at the China National Intellectual Property Administration, serving both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.

Linda Liu IP is recognised as one of the most responsive IP firms in China. In patent prosecution, we proactively seek reasonable scope of protection in the most efficient fashion by, for instance, routinely conducting telephone interviews and face-to-face meetings with examiners, making us a popular choice for foreign companies reconsidering their Chinese associate and looking for quality prosecution counsel. We are always willing to go the extra mile for our clients, handling each step carefully from the beginning of every new application, avoiding unnecessary office actions and providing flexible translation options to help clients control costs.

Numerous, precise working procedures have been implemented to guarantee our service quality. We run a strict and detailed docketing system and have established a multi-check system to ensure quality. Docketing management plays an important role in patent prosecution. Our docketing department has 46 team members in charge of case file management, deadline monitoring and annual fee management. Our responsible and conscientious docketing personnel, as well as our ever-improving docketing system, form the best security for success in this area.

In addition to patent prosecution, we have extensive experience in IP litigation. A couple of litigation cases handled by Wei Chixue Law Firm have been selected as typical cases by the Supreme People’s Court of China. Recent independent research shows that Wei Chixue Law Firm comes second in the number of trademark and patent-related litigation cases and third in unfair competition cases handled by Chinese firms for Japanese companies in the past three years. Invalidation proceedings are another strong suit of our firm. We helped a US client win its first battle in China and successfully invalided a couple of standard-essential patents.

Effusive foreign associate comments led to our inclusion in the IAM Patent 1000 in 2021: “All the partners work to a high standard and are worthy of recommendation – they are incredibly responsive, provide top-tier service and advice, and come in at an eminently reasonable price point,” reported one client.

Another client further enthused that the firm is “acting as an extension of our team’s approach to client service, with expertise in their local jurisdiction. They provide honest assessments, offer suggestions that may not be apparent to us, and proactively provides thoughtful, client-specific advice that takes into account both legal and business needs.”

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