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The Arnold & Siedsma crew is made up of judicious go-getters with the agility required to handle even the most complex cases. Its wide geographical reach only enhances its expertise, and the team delivers versatile and constructive patent strategies. In Antwerp managing partner Nele D’Halleweyn receives effusive feedback from peers and patrons alike: “Nele is one of the best patent attorneys in her field. She knows the patent procedure inside and out and has a very quick and thorough understanding of technological concepts.” “Nele is a smart strategist and unquestionably one of Belgium’s top attorneys. She grasps the concept of an invention within minutes and defends patent applications with a high success rate.” Joining her in the IAM Patent 1000 this year is Bart Laenen, a chemist who has been drafting new patents for Ghent University, a long-time client of many years.

Nele D’Halleweyn's Profile

Nele D’Halleweyn is a European attorney and partner at Arnold & Siedsma. She studied electrical engineering at Leuven University, specialising in telecommunications and micro-electronics, and obtained a PhD degree at the University of Southampton (United Kingdom).

At Arnold & Siedsma, Ms D’Halleweyn specialises in European patent work, including drafting and prosecuting patent applications, conducting opposition proceedings at the European Patent Office and advising in patent litigation in various European countries. The main technology areas that drive her practice are electronics, telecommunications, information computer technology, printing technology, semiconductors, material science, medical technology and mechanics.

Ms D’Halleweyn derives satisfaction from the combination of keeping up with technical innovations together with the legal and commercial implications of inventions. In addition, developing winning arguments in complex oppositions or litigation is a challenging task of which she never gets bored. Further, Ms D’Halleweyn is experienced in determining a company’s IP and related business strategies, and enjoys playing a part in making a business successful using a good IP strategy.

Ms D’Halleweyn is a board member of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property. She is also a tutor teaching Belgian patent law and is co-author of Octrooien in België: een praktische leidraad, ISBN 9789048626601, edited by Die Keure.

Previous testimonials for Ms D’Halleweyn include the following:

  • “Nele D’Halleweyn is a quick problem solver and patent strategy mastermind with a talent for ringfencing her clients in advantageous positions in highly competitive markets. She is a quick study on electrical and mechanical technologies, and possesses an agile commercial mind.” (IAM 2020)
  • “Some of the most praiseworthy feedback is reserved for Nele D’Halleweyn, who conducts sterling European patent work across many high-tech fields.” “Nele quickly understands the nature of her clients’ problems and identifies appropriate solutions.” “Having her on side adds tremendous value to a company.” “She comes up with new technical ideas that are often broader than the initial ideas that clients want to patent.” (IAM Patent 1000)
Firm Profile

Arnold & Siedsma is an all-round service provider for the protection of intellectual property. Since 1920, your creations have been our motivation. We have over 100 years of experience in the legal protection of intellectual property of inventions, trademarks and designs for individuals, as well as for large multinationals, in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition to our offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, Arnold & Siedsma has an extensive global network of agents so that we can protect your rights anywhere in the world.

Arnold & Siedsma has more than 60 in-house technical and legal experts with knowledge of all the key innovative sectors, from biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to semiconductors and software. Each client is assigned a patent attorney who specialises in the relevant, specific discipline. Our trademark and design attorneys are the best partners for all issues related to your trademarks or protecting the unique design of your products. Our IP attorneys at law can help you with anything related to legal procedures, such as enforcing your rights.

ISO 9001 certified

For the past 100 years, we have been a reliable partner for our clients with regard to all IP issues. In 2015, we became the first large Dutch IP agency with foreign offices to be ISO 9001 certified. This certification is valid for all our offices in the Netherlands and abroad. We are proud of our ISO 9001 certification because it represents what our firm stands for: say what you do, do what you say, prove it.


At Arnold & Siedsma, we believe in customised work and this can be seen in the way we operate. You can count on our personal attention, a fixed account manager and a regional office in your area.

The lines of communication with our specialists are short and personal. Service is our top priority. We stay in close touch with our clients so that we can provide you with a fast and responsive service. With offices throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, our specialists are always within proximity. At Arnold & Siedsma, you will be assigned one or two dedicated account managers. The long-term relationship ensures that they know your business and strategy, which in turn means that they will be able to give you the correct advice for your business, in line with your multi-annual planning. Your account manager will maintain regular contact with you. The protection of your innovation is of great economic value but can also be costly. This is why, at Arnold & Siedsma, we attach great importance to clear communication before, during and after each procedure.

Because we are a full-service provider, we have in-house specialists from all IP disciplines. Our patent attorneys, trademark and design attorneys and lawyers work closely together. We can pull together a team from several disciplines for our clients so that problems and issues are communicated between the different disciplines quickly, seamlessly and without unnecessary costs. Arnold & Siedsma is uniquely positioned as a service provider in the Netherlands thanks to this team-based approach.


Our patent attorneys have years of experience in supporting companies in various sectors and are therefore up to date with developments in your discipline. This technical knowledge and experience guarantee the optimisation of your rights. The main sectors in which Arnold & Siedsma is active are chemistry and pharmacy, electrical engineering and physics, mechanical engineering, biotechnology and food, and materials and software. Our experienced specialists can assist you with the protection of your intellectual property in these sectors.

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