Miguel Rigueiro

Prosecution Manager at ClarkeModet
Ranked in Spain
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Bridging the gap between Latin America and Europe, ClarkeModet is a dominant force in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries. It has built a deep reservoir of institutional knowledge over its 140-year history, and today its 500-plus practitioners manage some 350,000 case files on behalf of domestic and international pioneers. In the words of one client: “Obtaining IP rights is a time-consuming process that requires an up-to-date understanding of legal, technological and administrative standards; and the experts at ClarkeModet excel on all fronts.” Technical services director and seasoned chemist Paola Rúa identifies all the best strategic plays for European concerns seeking to branch out into Latin America. Another key asset is Miguel Rigueiro, who has a percipient take on portfolio management and a keen eye for coordinating multi-jurisdictional mass filings.

Miguel Rigueiro's Profile

Miguel Rigueiro is the IP prosecution manager at ClarkeModet Spain.

He holds a degree in political sciences and administration from the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) and a master’s in marketing and commercial management from the European Institute of Communication and Marketing (Spain). He also has further diplomas in industrial property law from CEU San Pablo University (Spain) and industrial property management from Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain), and has attended other professional and specialisation courses such as the China IP Protection Training Programme from Shanghai Patent & Trademark Law (China).

With over 20 years of professional experience in intellectual property, Mr Rigueiro specialises in portfolio management and in coordinating the prosecution of patents abroad.

Mr Rigueiro has a strong specialisation in patent prosecution, in particular for Spain and Latin American countries, with a focus on coordinating filing applications in several countries in parallel in reduce costs and shorten timescales.

Mr Rigueiro leads a team of over 15 highly qualified patent specialists who manage patent portfolios for some of the biggest companies in Europe, Asia and the United States.

He offers his clients comprehensive advice on their patent internationalisation strategy and multi-jurisdictional patent prosecution.

Mr Rigueiro is a frequent speaker at internal training courses and client in-house seminars.

He is accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Defence as a security director. He is fluent in Spanish and English.

Firm Profile

ClarkeModet is the largest IP group across all Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries, with 10 companies in Europe and Latin America and a multidisciplinary team of over 500 experts.

In addition to providing prosecution and enforcement IP services (registration, maintenance, defence and monitoring of IP rights), ClarkeModet offers highly specialised advice to help clients to create impact on the market. The firm’s professionals do so through the transfer, use and profitability of IP assets and by implementing in its clients’ work systems and policies aimed at generating a competitive advantage. The firm’s international presence and local knowledge enable it to offer a unified service of management of patents portfolios, based on integrated work processes across all the countries the firm has a presence in and with the same quality standards and corporate policies.

ClarkeModet was founded in Spain in 1879, with the current structure dating back to 1892 following the merger of Clarke y Cia and Agencia General de Patentes y Marcas. The firm started its international expansion in 1940, establishing new IP firms in Portugal and Latin America.

The group is currently present in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela with three international desks (Asia Pacific, Europe and North America). This large infrastructure allows centralised management of large IP portfolios.

The company has recently incorporated new technologies in both customer services and internal processes to guarantee quality and speed. ClarkeModet is a pioneer in the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence or blockchain to increase the protection of its clients’ assets in order to face new challenges on digital markets.


The firm’s patent professionals excel in handling all aspects of patent work, including prosecution and enforcement. More specifically, they are experts in the protection of patents and know-how (or trade secret), utility models, industrial designs and plant varieties for both domestic and international clients, as well as in patent portfolio and risk management. The services include prior art search, application drafting and filing before national and international IP offices; protection strategy in different countries; filing and answering oppositions; administrative nullity proceedings; freedom-to-operate analysis; infringement and nullity analysis; and licensing and technology transfer. Patent services cover a variety of industries including:

  • life sciences, chemistry and pharmaceuticals;
  • retail, education and entertainment;
  • automotive and mechanical engineering; and
  • telecommunications, software and electronics.

The technical team comprises 97 professionals, including European patent attorneys and PhD holders.

ClarkeModet Group is one of the largest filers in volume of patent and trademark applications in all the markets in which its companies are present:

  • It is the largest filer of patent applications in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries;
  • It is the second largest filer of trademark applications in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries; and
  • The firm currently manages one out of every 10 patents across all Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries.


Through its internal regulations and corporate culture, ClarkeModet supports different social interest initiatives, as well as inclusion and sustainability policies. The main lines of action for its corporate social responsibility (CRS) programme are focused on the promotion of diversity in its teams through its inclusive recruitment policies.

ClarkeModet minimises environmental impact through policies such as electronic invoicing and file digitisation, as well as following programmes such as Ecoembes for recycling.

CSR initiatives also include sponsoring IP and innovation fostering programmes led by non-profit organisations and universities.

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