Maier Fenster

Head, Medical Devices Department at Ehrlich Group
Ranked in Israel
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Prosecution powerhouse the Ehrlich Group continues to flourish – with over 1,000 US patent filings and several high-profile clients, the outfit enjoyed another strong year in 2021. Head of the software department Roy Melzer drafts and prosecutes patents related to information technology and the latest trends – such as blockchain or machine learning – with aplomb. One of his recent cases, for Zebra Medical Vision, involved such matters and filing in the United States, Europe, Hong Kong and Japan. “Roy is fast acting, accurate and informative in every case.” Legal counsel and elite IP strategist Amit Ehrlich is an invaluable ally for anyone looking to monetise their patents, and will assist on every step of the way, including with licensing and negotiations. A former professor of electrical engineering in New York, revered luminary Paul Fenster draws on his academic background and ample research and development (R&D) experience to deliver extraordinary results in patent prosecution and stellar litigation support. Leading the medical devices department is Maier Fenster, a life sciences virtuoso who is a key presence in prosecuting patents for one of the world’s top 10 hospitals – the Sheba Medical Center. “Maier is highly efficient and competent, and extremely helpful in identifying worthwhile inventions, strategising their filing, and drafting successful applications. Working with him is both enjoyable and professional.” Working along him is Eran Naftali, head of the physics division, who specialises in complex patent prosecution. Meanwhile, Geoffrey Melnick spearheads the high-technology department and has vast experience preparing cutting-edge patent applications, and appealing and opposing patents before the European Patent Office. Head of the legal practice Yehuda Neubauer has over 20 years of IP experience, some of which he spent at another gold-ranked firm in this chapter. He is currently involved in patent litigation proceedings on behalf of Boeing and Pfizer. “The quality of Yehuda’s advice always exceeds expectations. He’s highly responsive, practical, thoughtful, technically knowledgeable and clear. He is an excellent and highly experienced practitioner.” Another recipient of praise is top-ranked Gal Ehrlich, who stands out for his “commercial savvy, pragmatism, strategic approach and wide-ranging technology expertise”.

Maier Fenster's Profile

Maier Fenster is head of Ehrlich & Fenster’s medical devices department, which focuses on drafting and prosecuting bioengineering, medical devices and medical imaging patent applications. As the firm’s lead patent attorney, he specialises in groundbreaking and interdisciplinary inventions, as well as in helping build IP portfolios that add value to companies – in particular, start-ups in the fields of medical devices, image processing, physics, electronic systems, computer science, the Internet and bioinformatics.

Mr Fenster believes in applying creativity in obtaining IP protection. He has a unique way of extracting the essence of inventions and deriving consequences for drafting patent applications and, more generally, supporting and informing company business strategy.

He has been involved in the drafting and prosecution of thousands of patent applications and in oppositions and litigation support worldwide. He has also been involved in drafting patentability opinions, freedom-to-operate opinions and infringement opinions.

Mr Fenster is also an inventor in more than 40 granted US patents in the fields of software and medical devices (mechanics and electronics).

Mr Fenster lectures in academic and professional forums and was a mentor in Talpiot courses and involved in the selection of students for the Talpiot programme. He holds an MSc in computer science and a BSc in mathematics and physics.

Mr Fenster has been recommended by Chambers and Partners for nine consecutive years, and by the IAM Patent 1000 for several years.

Firm Profile

Tracing its roots back to 1995, the Ehrlich Group is one of the most prominent IP groups both in Israel and internationally. Founded by Gal Ehrlich, today the group comprises three pillars: Ehrlich & Fenster (E&F), a patent and trademark attorneys firm; Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M), a boutique IP litigation firm; and IPTrade, an IP monetisation platform.

E&F is ranked as a top-tier firm by reputed international and domestic guides. The firm has long been the destination of choice for innovative clients in all areas of science and technology seeking unparalleled expertise in IP protection and prosecution.

The Ehrlich Group offers clients access to some of the finest legal and technical minds in the industry, with more than 160 employees who have worked as jurists, patent attorneys and technical advisers. The firm boasts renowned experts in all areas of intellectual property, including patents, copyright, trademarks, designs, trade secrets, plant breeder’s rights, anti-counterfeiting, open source, and much more.

Cutting-edge clients

As a leading international patent firm, E&F showcases diverse expertise and extensive technical knowledge that has cemented its reputation as a top choice for both Israeli and international clients. This is evidenced by the firm’s strong global reputation and proven track record in the filing, drafting and prosecuting of patents all over the world.

For example, it is no coincidence that E&F has the highest rate of patent applications derived from inventions developed in the principal Israeli academic institutions (Tel Aviv University, The Hebrew University, Be’er Sheva University, Weizmann Institute and the Technion), as well as the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development (Volcani Centre), Tel Hashomer Hospital, Ichilov Hospital, Hadasit Medical Research Services and Development, Mor Research Applications and Columbia University in the United States, as well as universities and research institutions from China and the Philippines.

Global reputation

The group drafts and submits new patent applications, managing their prosecution in Israel and directly in the United States for leading multinational corporations and Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Samsung, Huawei, Monsanto, Salesforce, Pfizer, Philips, Boeing, Microsoft, Plasson and Playtech Software, as well as countless start-ups, top researchers, developers and inventors in Israel and abroad, some of whom are Nobel Prize and Wolf Prize laureates.

The group

Through the unique synergy between the other members of the Ehrlich Group, clients are put at a considerable advantage by the cross-border legal practice and litigation experience of EN&M, which helps resolve any oppositions to IP rights, infringement disputes involving patents, trademarks, designs or copyright, or many other types of IP disputes. EN&M also brings experience in litigation proceedings before the Patent and Trademark Registrar, as well as before the Israeli courts, including litigation support abroad – from the United States and South America to Europe and Asia.

The cradle-to-grave offering also taps into the vast industry expertise of IPTrade, a unique platform developed by the group with a purpose to support its clients with the monetisation procedures of their IP assets, based on the experience and knowledge the group has gained and based on its international connections.

Partner with the Ehrlich Group, where your ideas are protected, defended, valued and maximised in full compliance with our mission: turning ideas into value.

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