Lech Bury

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Recommended - Individuals: prosecution

“Bury & Bury is a down-to-earth and super successful firm. It specialises in patents, especially those related to electrical engineering, and its combination of technical and business knowledge is what truly sets it apart.” “The team recognises intellectual property as a business tool and fully comprehends the role of a patent in a commercial setting when drafting. Their knowledge of procedures and strategies is well recognised – even within the Polish Patent Office – and they effectively estimate and manage risk, identify possible outcomes and recommend solid actions.” Upholding this illustrious reputation, Marek Bury leads the team and garners warm feedback from his peers: “I am always delighted to work with Marek. He provides us with fantastic guidance, and it is thanks to him that we have been able to tackle several complex matters.” He has a PhD in electronics and “works tirelessly to find new and innovative solutions”. Also on board, Lech Bury’s “understanding of technology and broad industry experience translates into commercially minded advice. He has a remarkable knowledge of the field, speaks the same language as inventors, and has an excellent command of patentingprocedures.”

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