Jürgen Feldmeier

Managing Partner at Prüfer & Partner
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Gold - Individuals: prosecution and nullity

“The attorneys at Prüfer & Partner stand out from their peers for their thoughtful consideration of the position of the client. They are always responsive and provide detailed and pragmatic solutions. Their service is very satisfactory and the whole team is highly recommended.” “Jürgen Feldmeier is an experienced, go-to patent attorney in the field of high-tech engineering, and is highly appreciated for his clear-cut advice. He handles EPO proceedings and nullity actions with ease – typically with a successful result. He is great to cooperate with and he has sharp technical understanding.” “For prosecution, EPO oppositions and technically informed opinions, Andreas Oser is definitely recommended. He is reliable and brings deep experience in the field. He is customer oriented and very nice to work with.” “Dorothea Hofer is excellent. She delivers great service, responds quickly and appropriately, and she has a strong ability to understand complicated technical matters. She appropriately selects her associates to form a solid team to handle important cases like litigation cases. The quality and cost effectiveness of her work is totally satisfactory. Dorothea and her firm are among the most recommendable patent experts in Germany.” Joining the above-mentioned attorneys in the IAM Patent 1000 this year is Markus Adamczyk, a noted expert in AI and computer-implemented inventions. With skills in computer science and mechanical engineering, and research experience in-house at Vodafone, Adamczyk’s technical expertise cannot be doubted. He supports Feldmeier for printing industry leader Brother Industries and special machinery and plant engineering company Hymmen GmbH.

Jürgen Feldmeier's Profile

Jürgen Feldmeier is a German and European patent attorney with comprehensive experience in prosecution procedures for patents, trademarks and designs before the German Patent and Trademark Office, the EPO and the EU Intellectual Property Office. For more than 20 years he has been a managing partner at Prüfer & Partner, an established and highly respected medium-sized law firm with a stable global partner network. He has frequently served as lead patent counsel in various litigation proceedings, including infringement, nullity and opposition proceedings, before the patent offices and the courts of Munich, Düsseldorf and Mannheim, as well as the higher regional courts.

Due to his technical background in mechanical engineering, he possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of:

  • automotive industry;
  • machine tools and components;
  • precision engineering;
  • mechanical components;
  • medical technology;
  • sports equipment;
  • mechatronic components;
  • control and regulation technology; and
  • process engineering, especially in the food industry.

In addition to his diploma in mechanical engineering with a focus on design and development from the Technical University of Munich, he also has an LLM in European intellectual property.

By virtue of his legal background, his membership in the European Patent Litigators Association and his involvement in countless court cases, he is well prepared for the launch of the upcoming UPC which will commence operation on 1 June 2023. Since one of the UPC's locations is in Munich (the location of Prüfer & Partner) and the court will mainly deal with mechanical engineering matters, Mr Feldmeier will be in an optimal place when the new era of European litigation starts.

Firm Profile

Prüfer & Partner mbB is one of Germany’s most renowned IP law firms. It protects clients’ ideas, inventions and product developments around the world and enforces their claims in court – whether technical inventions or other IP rights. Today, nearly 60 employees – including 21 patent attorneys, attorneys at law and patent specialists – work for this IP boutique.

Prüfer & Partner was founded in 1972 by patent attorney, physicist and master optician Lutz H Prüfer as a pure patent attorneys’ office, which quickly developed into an internationally focused medium-sized law firm specialising in IP law. A successful generation change took place between 1998 and 2002 when Prüfer & Partner was taken over by patent attorneys Dr Dorothea Hofer, Jürgen Feldmeier and Dr Andreas Oser.

Since then, Prüfer & Partner has been an established and highly respected medium-sized law firm with a stable global network of partners, which advises clients on the registration of IP rights, supports them in all IP matters and defends and enforces clients’ IP rights in court.

With Prüfer & Partner, you can expect a strong and carefully selected community of patent attorneys, lawyers and technical specialists. The firm represents its clients’ interests at the highest level. Prüfer & Partner is familiar with complex and demanding mandates and works with great commitment.

Diligence and expertise play an important role in industrial property law protection. Prüfer & Partner patent attorneys and lawyers work strictly to German quality standards: thorough, punctual and cost-efficient.

Over the past 10 years, Prüfer & Partner has continuously expanded its expertise in patent and trademark litigation. Dr Hofer and Mr Feldmeier have been advising their client Brother Industries for years in a complex patent dispute concerning ink cartridges. Dr Oser supports the pharmaceutical industry, including assisting Novartis with building up its patent portfolio. Other Prüfer & Partner attorneys, including Christian Einsel, also regularly litigate both active and passive patent lawsuits. In addition, Marion Ziliox works for French and Asian clients, among others, in customs actions at the EU borders. As a result, Prüfer & Partner has extensive expertise across the entire IP field.

The Asian region has been playing an increasingly important role in the global economy for many years. It has developed into an important production location for both large and medium-sized companies. At the same time, China in particular is rapidly catching up in terms of innovative business models and products. For this reason, Prüfer & Partner has a well-established Asia-desk and continuously cultivates its business, in particular in Japan, China and South Korea. Counselling clients from these countries regarding their IP affairs in Europe and supporting European clients doing business in Asia is a strength of Prüfer & Partner’s practice.

In 2020, Prüfer & Partner completed the transformation to a fully digital office. Thanks to flexible working hours and workflows, we can be more available for our clients. Whether this be at home, in the office or hybrid working.

Looking to the future, Prüfer & Partner plans to further consolidate and broaden its activities in Germany and Europe, to serve not only the international enterprises but also SMEs and start-ups, helping them protect their innovations and strengthen their position in an increasingly competitive market.

Located in Munich, the German heart of intellectual property, Prüfer & Partner is dedicated to serving its clients as a one-stop-shop IP boutique.

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