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Design Manager at Henry Goh & Co Sdn Bhd
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The largest patent filing practice in town, Henry Goh & Co Sdn Bhd lays claim to the highest number of ranked individuals in the Malaysia chapter. Acknowledged by peers as “established IP specialists” who are “very good in what they do”, the patent prosecution powerhouse is often called upon by local law firms for its expert patent opinions, while clients increasingly seek it out for advice on contentious matters. Operating seamlessly across Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, the firm drafts and prosecutes patents for a predominantly foreign clientele, holding steady with a significant market share despite the covid-19 pandemic. It recently added two newly registered patent agents to make a total of 13 in its ranks. Backed by in-house and private practice experience in London and Munich, Dave Wyatt is a regular patent attorney expert witness in Malaysian courts. Patent supervisor Yen Yen Oon excels in the microbiology space, while electronic and electrical engineer Jason Cheah captains the industrial designs group. No stranger to drafting patent specifications, Alvin Boey specialises in mechanical engineering.

Jason Cheah's Profile

Jason Cheah graduated in 1993 with an honours degree in electronic and electrical engineering from the Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is a registered Malaysian patent, industrial design and trademark agent.

Mr Cheah joined Henry Goh in 2002 and has been a manager since 2005. His daily work includes advising clients on IP protection, and drafting and prosecuting patent and industrial design applications in Malaysia and overseas.

As design manager, Mr Cheah oversees the firm’s industrial design registration work. His industrial designs experience is extensive, having handled the filing and prosecution of a large portfolio of design applications. He frequently consults officers of the Industrial Designs Registry and is up-to-date with changes in Malaysian industrial design law and practice.

His patent drafting experience includes both electrical-related and mechanical-related inventions, as well as internet-related inventions such as e-commerce and internet security solutions. Mr Cheah has successfully prosecuted a substantial number of patent applications directed at internet-related inventions, sanitation fittings, driven pile testing devices and cargo pallets, both in Malaysia and before foreign patent offices in the United States, Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam.

Mr Cheah is a member of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association and the International Trademark Association.

Firm Profile

Founded in 1977, Henry Goh & Co is a pioneer, trailblazer and market leader in IP protection in Malaysia. Our expertise spans the complete range of IP solutions with regard to patent, trademark, industrial design and copyright matters in various jurisdictions, especially Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Our multilingual team of professionals with diverse backgrounds in law, engineering, biotechnology, information technology, sciences and other fields has successfully steered a wide spectrum of clients, from small-medium businesses to multinationals, through various complex IP issues.

The potent combination of legal, technical and business experience coupled with in-depth knowledge of relevant local, regional and international laws governing IP practice provides our team with a unique platform to advise clients from inception through to the commercialisation of their IP assets. Our IP professionals have also received global recognition as IP powerhouses and thought leaders in their respective areas of speciality.


Although the world’s patent systems were designed for the industrial age, they have evolved and the patenting of inventions remains just as relevant today. Effective drafting, prosecution and exploitation of patents call for a sound aptitude for technology, in-depth knowledge of the applicable law and practice, and excellent communication skills. Henry Goh’s registered patent agents have the necessary technical, legal and linguistic prowess to secure and enhance the business value of patent protection for inventions in many diverse technologies. Their local knowledge, expertise and resources make the firm the natural choice for patent prosecution in Malaysia and Singapore.


In today’s competitive markets, standing out from the crowd has never been more important. A trademark or service mark is the key link between providers of goods or services and their customers. Henry Goh dedicates a large specialist team to handling delicate matters arising in the area of trademark and service mark registration. Its services include pre-filing registrability advice, filing and prosecution, renewals, maintenance and advice on exploitation and enforcement. In addition, its specialist team is fully capable of undertaking high-end prosecution work, including hearings and oppositions before the registrar. Its expertise and great rapport with the local trademark office make it the ideal firm for trademark filings in Malaysia and Singapore. Henry Goh can also file trademark and service mark applications in any country worldwide through its network of foreign associates, as well as international applications via the Madrid Protocol.

Industrial designs

Industrial designs have acquired much greater significance in recent times. As consumers increasingly take the technical functions of goods for granted, design often becomes the decisive factor in a purchase. Henry Goh routinely assists clients in securing industrial design registrations both at home and abroad. Such a practice demands a sound understanding of both international and local laws covering industrial designs. The firm can assist clients with the necessary actions in the event that their registered industrial designs are infringed by third parties.


In the copyright sphere, Henry Goh’s services extend to filing notifications and advisory work. Malaysia, like many other Berne Convention countries, does not require formal registration of copyright. Nonetheless, for more tangible protection, clients are advised to take advantage of the voluntary notification system that has been available in Malaysia since June 2012. Clients can assert ownership and deposit their copyrighted works with MyIPO in exchange for a certificate issued as confirmation. Such prima facie evidence of a copyright claim strengthens the owner’s position in the event of a dispute. The firm is experienced in handling copyright issues in all major fields of creative endeavour.

In addition to the conventional IP services, Henry Goh offers other IP-related services, including pre-litigation support, product registration and plant variety protection. With these value-added services, the firm provides a comprehensive one-stop IP centre for business and commercial needs.

Brunei Darussalam

The Brunei Patents Order 2011 came into force on 1 January 2012. The order establishes an independent patent system for the receipt, processing and grant of patents. Brunei Darussalam also joined the Patent Cooperation Treaty on 24 July 2012. With effect from June 2013, the Brunei Intellectual Property Office (BruIPO) now receives and processes all applications for patents, trademarks and industrial designs. Henry Goh can directly handle the filing and prosecution of patent, trademark and industrial design applications before BruIPO.

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