Hiroshi Tamura

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Highly recommended - Individuals: prosecution

“Aoyama & Partners is a leading full-service patent firm in Osaka. Their advice is practical and service is of very high quality – very responsive, with fast turnaround.” “I have always been of the opinion that they are one of the best, if not the best patent law firm in Japan. What we value most is their dedication, professionalism, kindness and in particular, their language skills.” On the back of such effusive feedback from foreign associates on its “very strong patent practice”, Aoyama & Partners rises to the gold tier of the prosecution table. Home to an ever-growing army of patent attorneys – the side recently added another nine to a total of over 100 – group is kept busy prosecuting a rising volume of Japanese patent applications. Making his way up the prosecution table, Hiroshi Tamura wins accolades for being “a very good strategist” and “an excellent communicator who understands the deepest technical and legal nuances.” He is increasingly involved in advising on multi-jurisdictional oppositions involving medical devices. “Hiroshi is indeed outstanding: his English is almost as good as his Japanese. He is a very good engineer, with excellent technical skills. And he works for his clients with an extremely high level of dedication. In several instances, he has worked until and after the middle of the night to provide highly-valued contributions that culminated in us winning the case.” “Hiroshi is the best Japanese lawyer I have ever met. Sometimes, he provides ideas that we have not even thought of. He is truly experienced in overseas cases.” Fellow co-CEO Norihito Yamao is another patent expert, especially in the fields of metallurgy, materials science and solid-state chemistry. “Undoubtedly a leading figure in patents in Japan, Norihito provides very sound legal advice and we are highly impressed.” Sanae Genba and Masayuki Okunishi, experts in the fields of chemistry and material processing respectively, deserve a mention too. “An extremely hard working and knowledgeable lawyer, Sanae facilitates productive meetings with Japanese clients, while Masayuki assists in uncovering difficult-to-find Japanese prior art and providing excellent validity analyses.”

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