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With four offices in Berlin, Munich, Leipzig and Frankfurt, well-specced prosecution outfit Maikowski & Ninnemann impresses for its “highly qualified attorneys, commercial focus, reliability and ability to facilitate productive working relationships”. It has lately been busy processing a significant volume of applications for LG Electronics and Google; and undertaking drafting and oppositions work on behalf of Fresenius, Rolls Royce, automotive manufacturer Joyson Safety Systems and Chinese robotics company Globe Tools. Meanwhile, on the contentious front, it has assisted Freshfields in defending Lenovo and Continental against Nokia and acting for Broadcom in a set of disputes against Nintendo; and teamed up with Hogan Lovells for Israeli high-technology company Solar Edge in nullity proceedings against Huawei. Playing a part in all these contentious matters are physics PhD Gunnar Baumgärtel and chemistry PhD Felix Gross; and Andreas Tanner, an electrical engineer with an insider’s perspective on the innovation process thanks to experience working in R&D at ABB Sécheron. Working alongside this trio to file Google’s patent applications are Christoph Schröder and Ralf Emig. Electrical engineer Schröder holds a PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology and has spent time as a research scientist working on medical imaging systems; while mechanical engineer Emig’s fluency in English, Spanish and French makes for flawless communication.

Gunnar Baumgärtel's Profile

Gunnar Baumgärtel is a physicist and a German and European patent attorney who specialises in patent litigation and patent prosecution – particularly in sophisticated proceedings involving automotive technology, telecommunications, electronics and mechanical engineering.

He studied physics in Berlin and Paris (Technical University and École Normale Supérieure) and obtained his doctorate from the Free University of Berlin in 1993 for research in the field of magnetism, superconductivity and femtosecond-spectroscopy.

Dr Baumgärtel has vast experience in handling patent infringement cases before the district and appeal courts, as well as nullity cases before the Federal Patent Court, where he has represented clients in some of the largest patent lawsuits in Germany in recent years.

He was also actively involved in achieving a fundamental decision issued by Germany’s Federal Court of Justice concerning the admissibility of post-grant amendments to claims, an issue which is of pre-eminent importance in opposition and nullity proceedings.

His experience in patent litigation has led to his appointment as an arbitrator in various international arbitration proceedings.

Dr Baumgärtel is a member of the board of the German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property and treasurer of that association.

Firm Profile

Maikowski & Ninnemann is a highly specialised patent attorney firm with offices in Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt and Munich and decades-long experience in IP law. Founded in 1977, Maikowski & Ninnemann now has 18 German and European patent attorneys (of whom six are partners) covering the various fields of technology – from physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology to medical technology, chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology.

Maikowski & Ninnemann’s clients are regional medium-sized firms, as well as large global companies and start-ups. Although patent prosecution is its traditional core area of business, in recent years the firm has also become well known for its expertise in patent litigation and has successfully taken part in some of the major patent disputes recently fought in Germany.

Due to their specialisation in intellectual property, Maikowski & Ninnemann’s patent attorneys have strong expertise in all areas of IP protection. They deal with clients’ projects and concerns relating to industrial property rights and develop strategic plans for the best protection of inventions, trademarks and designs, as well as the enforcement and exploitation of clients’ rights.

Taking personal care of clients’ interests lies at the centre of the firm’s strategic thinking and operation. Whether large or small, companies will find a personal counsel at Maikowski & Ninnemann. There is a strong belief within the firm that a trusting relationship between client and attorney is fundamental to achieving the best solutions for protecting and enforcing clients’ IP rights.

Maikowski & Ninnemann is a ‘pure’ patent attorney firm. In cases that require representation by attorneys at law (eg, patent infringement cases), the firm teams up with specialised external attorneys at law firms with expertise specific to the case at hand.


The key services provided by Maikowski & Ninnemann are:

  • advising clients on the best strategies to protect inventions, trademarks, designs, plant varieties and topographies;
  • filing patent, utility model, design patent and trademark applications;
  • representing clients before the German Patent and Trademark Office, the EPO, the Federal Patent Court, the EU Intellectual Property Office and other international offices regarding IP protection;
  • handling litigation, including patent and trademark infringement suits before the civil courts and nullity suits before the Federal Patent Court and the Federal Court of Justice in cooperation with external lawyers;
  • counselling clients with regard to licence agreements;
  • monitoring and administering IP rights portfolios; and
  • conducting patent, trademark and design searches and patent translations.

Areas of technology

The patent attorneys of Maikowski & Ninnemann are experienced in all areas of technology, including:

  • mechanical engineering (eg, mechanics and mechatronics, plant engineering, automotive engineering, naval technology and mechanical engineering);
  • electrical engineering (eg, electronics, telecoms, semiconductors, measurement and control technology and medical technology);
  • physics (eg, optics and light technology (ie, optoelectronics, cameras, telescopes and lasers), medical systems technology, medical imaging and measurement technology);
  • software;
  • life sciences (eg, chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology); and
  • pharmaceuticals.


Maikowski & Ninnemann’s clients include many large national and international firms, as well as medium-sized companies and start-ups. In the ongoing patent wars in the telecoms and IT sectors, the firm represents, among others, leading mobile phone manufacturers and leading telecoms and IT service providers. Concerning prosecution, the firm represents various international technology companies, as well as a renowned German biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of pioneering therapeutics for common degenerative disorders and various manufacturers of vehicle systems.


Our working languages include German, English and French.

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