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One of the longest-serving firms on the market, Borden Ladner Gervais has enjoyed a sterling reputation for almost two centuries. Clients benefit from its vast resources, highly qualified staff and a delightfully comprehensive service. Within the context of the ensemble’s formidable domestic IP practice, the patent prosecution team is of crucial importance. For patrons in the life sciences, Kathleen MarsmanJennifer RaoulMark Vickers and Graeme Boocock prove to be vital business partners. Marsman is the favourite among universities, hospitals, government agencies and larger pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. “Jennifer is a superstar when it comes to biotechnology patent prosecution and she is great at handling complex client needs too.” In the words of one source: “Mark’s work is impeccable and his success rate at getting patents issued is second to none. One thing that really sets him apart is his ability to relay and clarify tricky technical and legal information, and then establish the best course of action.” On behalf of Ecolab, Boocock has been working hard to keep its Canadian patent portfolio in healthy shape. In the clean tech space, Scott Pundsack combines his civil engineering background and law degree to deliver wonderfully holistic guidance. Chemists Andrew Sojonky and David Nauman are also on hand to advise those in technical tough spots. “Sojonky provides a fantastic service. He is one of our most trusted advisers and his knowledge is superb”, comments one happy customer. “David really spends his time getting to know the technology, which then allows him to be super effective in setting out the bigger strategic plan for patent applications.” Curtis Behmann instinctively familiarises himself with his clientele’s commercial goals and proactively works towards achieving them. He is a prominent name in the electronics space, as is Geoffrey de Kleine, who performs at a high level as an all-round patentability, prosecution and strategy ace. “Jason Mueller-Neuhaus is extremely knowledgeable both from a legal perspective and when it comes to a product’s business application. He is precise, clear and helps companies make good commercial decisions by providing them with all the options available and recommending the best course of action.” Lawyer and patent agent Brandon Evenson shines in both prosecution and licensing mandates, and garners glowing reviews as a result: “Brandon has a keen eye for detail, for which he regularly receives praise from executives and third parties. He is practical, commercially oriented and carefully constructs each agreement to incorporate patent rights in a way that adds tremendous value to the company.” Looking towards the litigation wing of the outfit, Chantal Saunders and Beverley Moore have been involved in several patent infringement disputes on behalf of Eli Lilly. They both represent pharmaceutical companies in complex litigation and provide advice on patent portfolio management issues on a regular basis. Another popular name among rights holders in the life sciences is Carina De Pellegrin, whose background in computer engineering also makes her a go-to for high-tech clients.

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