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In the words of one patron: “BCF is one of the best firms in Canada providing patent services. When working with in-house counsel and inventors the team are understanding, patient and prompt, and they will always make the best judgements to protect and maximise your intellectual property. They are exceptional.” First name on the roster, Tuba Yamaç also earns high praise: “I believe she is one of the world’s top patent practitioners. She is crucial when developing the best strategies to protect our innovations, and her approach is rigorous. Her intelligence is outstanding, and our discussions often feel like brainstorming sessions where we can enhance the value of our innovations.” Julien Lacheré and Dominic Goudreault “are very clear in terms of providing opinions and planning a strategy that is in line with their clients’ broader business goals. They are proactive and positive, and always looking for new angles to try.” “Andréanne Auger is one of a small – but growing – handful of experts on plant patents and she has a lot of excellent ideas when it comes to protection strategy. She is easy to work with, accessible and communicative.” “Working with Ilya Kalnish impresses at every stage. He has a relentless desire to help the client and his advice is an exceptional blend of legal and technical skill.”

Dominic Goudreault's Profile

Recognised for his global vision and solid track record, Dominic Goudreault is a major asset to BCF’s Patents group. With a background in mechanical engineering, he assists companies worldwide, including many in the manufacturing sector, in managing their intellectual property. He has particular expertise in the areas of land and marine vehicles, aeronautics, engines and hydraulics.

His extensive experience as a patent agent, particularly for Bombardier Recreational Products, allows him to fully understand the reality, needs and constraints of our clients and to offer them an adapted strategy that takes their unique ecosystem into account. His detailed knowledge of mechanical engineering enables him to quickly understand the nature of our clients' inventions. From preparing Canadian, American and foreign patent applications and presenting industrial designs, to evaluating new technologies and managing patent portfolios, Mr Goudreault is a leading expert in his profession.

A member of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec and the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada, Mr Goudreault is a certified patent agent in Canada and the United States. This allows him to represent clients on both sides of the border.

Firm Profile

It is with unfaltering passion for innovation and entrepreneurship that BCF’s founders were determined to change the way business law was practised. Our story reflects our ambition: as a collaborative and daring firm, BCF now has over 500 members, including 300 professionals, providing outstanding innovative service. It is this entrepreneurial spirit that makes us stand out from the crowd; we walk the walk, and we talk the talk.

BCF is recognised by business leaders, entrepreneurs, growing companies and well-established global companies as a stepping stone to growth and success in Canada and abroad. We understand our clients’ businesses and are well positioned to partner with organisations, whatever the size or nature. Our team helps turn clients’ ambitions into viable and innovative businesses by putting the right resources on the table. We help our clients reach business objectives by providing pragmatic and forward-thinking solutions. Our clients’ success is our success.

IP and patent team

BCF’s patent team comprises experienced patent agents and attorneys distinguished by their multi-jurisdictional IP expertise, their hands-on corporate experience and their emphasis on providing personalised service to their clients. Notably, the BCF team boasts patent agents qualified and admitted to represent clients in the United States, Canada and Europe, maximising their patent potential in multiple jurisdictions and providing a ‘one-stop shop’ for patent and design protection. Our team members have extensive experience working in-house in the telecommunications, IT, medical device, biotechnology, machinery, transportation and aerospace industries, enabling them to deliver business-relevant IP advice.

The BCF patent team consistently delivers high-quality, business-relevant IP advice and services including:

  • IP management and strategic counselling;
  • patentability, infringement, freedom-to-operate and validity opinions;
  • patent drafting, filing and prosecution service throughout the world, including direct representation in the United States, Canada and Europe;
  • licensing and due diligence of IP rights;
  • contentious patent proceedings; and
  • negotiating and drafting of IP-related agreements.

BCF also advises clients on a wide variety of other IP matters, including:

  • industrial designs, trademarks and copyrights;
  • trade secret strategies and management;
  • free and open-source software policies; and
  • data privacy and protection matters.

BCF Global

Focusing exclusively on IP law, BCF Global’s offer features Canadian and US patent agents and attorneys, as well as European patent attorneys, all working as a team. Thanks to the multidisciplinary expertise of its team and its strategic geographic position on two continents, BCF Global is seeking to provide its European clientele with privileged access to the North American market, and to help visionary and innovative businesses in the fields of information technology, medical devices and life sciences grow and thrive.

BCF Imagine

BCF Imagine offers an exclusive legal and strategic programme to help innovative start-ups accelerate their growth. Since its creation in 2017, we have implemented a rigorous selection process to identify the best technology start-ups and assist them legally, such as in terms of cooperatives, corporate financing, venture capital, and IP strategies and execution.

BCF Ventures

BCF Ventures, a spin-off of BCF Business Law, is a pioneer in the Canadian investment scene as one of the very first Super Angel funds. Launched on 1 June 2018, BCF Business Law’s partners pooled their resources to establish BCF Ventures. The fund benefits from the expertise, resources and insights of the BCF law firm and invests jointly with other successful funds across North America and Europe. BCF Ventures invests at the seed and series A stage of technology-based start-ups, mostly in Canada, the United States and occasionally in Israel, China and Western Europe. BCF Ventures is also a designated organisation authorised by the government of Canada to invest and support potential start-ups under the Start-Up Visa Program.

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