Christof Höhne

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Bronze - Individuals: infringement

The German branch of EIP, like its British counterpart, offers up a tightly constructed team for the most difficult patent litigation, especially in the SEP and FRAND space. “For offensive patent litigation there is no better choice. They deliver great service and excellent results. Any overall assessment of the firm would conclude that they are very strong.” With offices in Britain, Sweden and Germany, the firm is also poised to become a key player at the UPC, with a recently announced collaboration with Amar Goussu Staub giving it added heft in France. Litigator “Florian Schmidt-Bogatzky is very creative, aggressive and energetic. He is able to work much faster, and achieve a deeper level of understanding, than many other attorneys. He is able to work effectively across a wide variety of technology areas. Florian is always available to his clients and has consistently been willing to speak very late at night.” The firm’s other leading light in Germany is department head Christof Höhne. His main focus is patent litigation, with particular expertise in the fields of electronics, pharmaceuticals and mechanical engineering. Both Schmidt-Bogatzky and Höhne work for Godo Kaisha IP Bridge in its multi-jurisdictional, multi-patent suit against a number of opponents, including Huawei. Other companies they represent in wide-ranging patent litigation include Sonos and Broadcom.

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