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Guangzhou-headquartered Advance China IP Law Office is currently home to over 1,000 IP professionals, which consists of a staggering total of 443 patent attorneys across its branches in mainland China plus a representative office in Silicon Valley. “They are special in that they understand the law in both ends of the Pacific and can draw parallels between the two when the need arises to explain how certain things operate in comparison to the US.” Apart from its excellent command of both China and US patent law, client satisfaction is another key to its success: “We find in Advance China IP an effective combination between a high standard of quality at a reasonable cost, which is in line with our needs. In this regard, they are certainly among the best in their jurisdiction.” The multi-lingual international patent department is headed by Shanghai-based Chong He, whose outstanding technical acumen has earned the loyalty of Samsung Electronics and Tohoku University. Over in its Guangzhou home base, Minhui Zeng and Wenwen Wang are the names to note. Recognised as one of the leading IP lawyers in Guangdong province, Zeng’s résumé includes claiming one of China’s biggest patent damages awards for Gree several years ago. He is joined by biology PhD Wang, who has the life sciences on lock. Celanese’s China patent portfolio has recently kept her practice busy.

Chong He's Profile

Chong He is a partner managing the international patent department of Advance China IP Law Office (ACIP), which he joined in 2005. Before starting his IP career, Mr He worked as an engineer for a foreign high-tech company, thus developing a good understanding of the working processes of international companies. With rich experience in patent prosecution and counselling relating to international patent drafting, infringement analysis, freedom-to-operate investigations, invalidations and patent strategy, Mr He has helped clients to successfully obtain patent rights and win patent re-examinations and invalidations, especially in the field of engineering and electronics.

Mr He has extensive experience in patent prosecution in China, the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea and other countries, which enables him to help his clients manage their global patent portfolio more effectively.

In addition to prosecution, Mr He’s practice also extends to patent enforcement for international clients. He has participated in many enforcement cases together with ACIP’s enforcement department and helped international clients successfully combat the infringement and counterfeiting of patents and trademarks.

Mr He has been recommended in the individual rankings for patent prosecution in the IAM Patent 1000 since 2019, and was elected as a council member of the All-China Patent Attorneys Association in 2020.

Firm Profile

Advance China IP Law Office (ACIP) was founded in 1999 by a group of leading Chinese IP law practitioners who wanted to build a firm with the motto “honest, efficient, professional and enterprising”. In 23 years, ACIP has become one of the largest full-service IP law firms in China with over 1,000 IP professionals helping clients from all over the globe to obtain and protect their IP rights.

ACIP’s professionals have kept their promise to clients:

  • to be a one-stop IP consultancy for the registration, prosecution, litigation and enforcement of their IP rights by competent attorneys who are highly experienced in local practice;
  • to provide responsive communication and reliable solutions to their urgent problems;
  • to be flexible and creative when devising and providing customised services that are the most cost/time-effective to clients; and
  • to offer consistent and transparent quotations and billing.

Patent team

ACIP is especially proud of its patent prosecution and litigation practice. The firm builds patent portfolios for clients from various industrial sectors with insights, quality and efficiency. In 2021 some 443 patent attorneys and patent engineers specialised in technical fields of three primary technical groups (electrical/electronics, informational technology and software; physics and mechanical engineering; and life sciences and chemistry) filed over 20,000 domestic applications for invention, utility model and design patents; over 1,200 Patent Cooperation Treaty applications before the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA, the Chinese Patent Office); and over 4,000 foreign-related applications.

Clients trust the firm’s patent attorneys to understand their technology, have comprehensive knowledge of patent-related and general laws and regulations, and plan commercial-oriented strategies. The attorneys’ fluency in numerous languages besides Chinese (eg, English, German, Japanese and Korean) ensures responsive and smooth communication with regard to both technical and legal aspects of their work. Patent drafting and prosecution are strictly supervised by senior patent attorneys that include former patent examiners and senior IP rights professionals who have previously worked in famous technology-based companies. Technology analysis, patent mining and training seminars are also frequently provided to clients.

ACIP has also built a team of 56 litigators since 2007, assisted by senior professionals including former re-examination board examiners and technical experts with abundant experience in patent litigation, invalidation and enforcement in the local courts and all the way to the Supreme Court, and before the CNIPA and local IP offices. With an experienced in-house investigation team, ACIP attorneys have helped numerous clients conduct pre-filing investigations and administrative actions to overcome the difficulty of evidence collection due to the absence of discovery in China. ACIP has also established a highly experienced team for patent invalidation in its Beijing office for quick action against attack or as defence in a dispute. In case of patent disputes, ACIP effectively helps its clients achieve their commercial goals by customising their strategies, using local investigation, licensing negotiation, patent assignment, filing or response to request of patent invalidation, administrative petitions, initiating lawsuits and actions against unfair competition.

ACIP specialises in the following, in particular:

  • patent prosecution, such as patent drafting and prosecution in China; patent registration in Hong Kong and Macau; patent re-examination and appeal; patent invalidation; patent search and analysis; and patent transactions and licensing; and
  • patent litigation and enforcement, such as investigation, notarisation and evidence collection; administrative enforcement; civil and criminal litigation against infringement and unfair competition; IP-related administrative litigation; and customs IP rights protection.


  • IAM Patent 1000, 2019 to 2022
  • Tier 1 for Patent Prosecution and Contentious in China Southern Region, MIP, 2014 to 2017
  • IP Stars Ranked Firm, MIP, 2020 to 2022
  • Asia IP Ranked Firm, 2020 to 2022
  • Top 10 Best Chinese IP Firms for Patent Prosecution, IPR Daily, 2017
  • Outstanding IP Service Team of China, China Intellectual Property Magazine, 2016
  • Four-Star Patent Agency, China Intellectual Property News, 2016


  • Vice president of the All-China Patent Attorney Association
  • Members of the China Intellectual Property Society
  • Member of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Member of the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys
  • Member of the Intellectual Property Owners Association
  • Member of the American Intellectual Property Law Association

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