Bernhard Boniberger

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Bronze - Individuals: prosecution and nullity

From their offices in Singen, near the shores of Lake Constance, BodenseePatent deliver strategic and client-centric patent prosecution services. “The group has a broad knowledge of the German and European markets and an extensive network. The team members have an exceptional understanding of cross-border infringement and nullity proceedings, and move with high self-confidence across international terrains. BodenseePatent provides an astonishing array of services, including great legal experience and a fundamental belief that the best resolution to a patent issue is not always found in court. This eliminates needless risks. The firm always thinks entrepreneurially in its advice and, despite the outstanding quality of advice offered, the fee rates are always fair and comprehensible. The response times to enquiries are very short. It is an exceptionally satisfying and successful collaboration with a highly specialised law firm in the field of IP.” “Benjamin Merkel is an exceptional patent attorney with vast knowledge and experience. He has a sharp mind, is honest and has a charming attitude that facilitates rapid and fruitful outcomes. He is brilliant in all he does and his counterparts hold him in great regard because he negotiates with innate conviction. It is really comforting to have him on your side. He always acts with exceptional foresight and never loses sight of an industry’s specific requirements.” “Bernhard Boniberger has excellent legal skills and is a very constructive partner – calm, reflective and absolutely results oriented. He is a quick thinker and conveys certainty with his arguments, which are always very good. His working style is characterised by practical solutions that are always aligned with our interests. He employs great tact in entangled negotiations in court or in licensing agreements. He is dedicated and accomplished, with the ability to move things along fast and effectively. His character and integrity are admirable. He has a keen intellect and an understanding of what a mandate really means. He is an amazing lawyer who has the capacity to convey even difficult topics in a manner that can be understood in a short amount of time. He has a very bright intellect and an excellent instinct for getting to the heart of the matter. The processes of objection, appeal and nullity are among his strengths, and he is excellent in issues involving infringements that occur across international borders. His proactive attitude is admirable. It is incredible to see how entrepreneurial he is in how he thinks and behaves. Responses always arrive quickly, and the answers provided are detailed and impressive. Additionally, his solutions are consistently tailored to meet client requirements.”

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