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European Patent Attorney at ALFA PATENT STAN ADVOKA Ltd Co
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Nimble boutique Alfa Patent Stan Advoka is a discerning choice for non-contentious briefs in the electronics, chemistry and microbiology fields. The set communicates in all three official EPO languages, drafts meticulous applications and has the magic touch to see them through to grant. Its high profile is due in no small part to Selda Arkan and Baris Atalay, Turkey’s first-ever qualified European patent attorneys. Fluent in eight languages, Arkan is a repository of trust for life sciences companies with international ambitions. A prolific author, registered court expert and drafter extraordinaire, Atalay is a favourite among research institutes. The pair are hailed by peers for their professionalism, quality service and can-do attitude.

Baris Atalay's Profile

Baris Atalay became a Turkish patent agent in 2003 and a European patent attorney in 2011. He is one of the first people to become a European patent attorney in Turkey following the country’s accession to the European Patent Convention.

Mr Atalay holds a BSc in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Istanbul and an MA in European studies of science, technology and society from Maastricht University. He obtained the certificate in patent litigation in Europe from the Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) of Strasbourg University.

Mr Atalay has been a member of the epi Council since 2014 and the epi Professional Education Committee since 2017; he became a member of International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property in 2011, sitting on the Turkey Board since 2017 and the Programme Committee between 2014 and 2018. Mr Atalay is also a member of the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys and of the European Patent Litigators Association.

Mr Atalay is registered as a court expert in the Specialized IP Courts of Istanbul. His academic engagements include teaching at epi and the CEIPI, and lecturing in IP law at the Biomedical Engineering Faculty of Bahcesehir University, Istanbul.

Mr Atalay has authored the following books in Turkish:

  • Essential Guidelines for Patent Attorneys, Legal Publication, October 2013;
  • Introduction to Patent Law, Legal Publication, November 2014; and
  • Claim Drafting Techniques, Legal Publication, March 2017.

He authored the patent part of Turkish Patent Attorneys Examination Questions & Answers (Aristo Publication, September 2019).

Mr Atalay is involved in patent drafting for international teams of researchers active in Turkish universities in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, software engineering and optics. He is also involved in the prosecution of inventions in the field of electrical household appliances. He deals with litigation cases in electronics and software engineering. In addition to in-office trainees, he has provided European Qualifying Examination tutoring to about 10 candidates in recent years for the pre-exam and main papers. He is fluent in English and French and has a working knowledge of German.

Firm Profile

We believe that quality means reliability and consistency, as well as constantly updated knowledge.

ALFA PATENT STAN ADVOKA represents and advises Turkish and international clients in all fields of IP protection. The firm is the result of the merger in 2018 of Alfa Patent, founded in 1997 to help clients obtain, maintain and enforce patents, trademarks and registered designs, and Stan Advoka, which had been very active in the patent field since its creation in 2014.

Both historical firms had grown steadily over the years and retained a diverse roster of clients since their inception. Combined, they have become a leading IP firm in Turkey, with its IP professionals offering expertise in numerous fields thanks to their varied backgrounds.

The merger has also enabled the firm to broaden its practice and offer comprehensive patent consulting services in almost all technical fields. The life sciences, chemistry and biotechnology group is managed by Selda Arkan, the first-ever qualified European patent attorney in Turkey (1997), while the electrical engineering, electronics and computer-implemented inventions group is managed by Baris Atalay, the second-ever qualified European patent attorney in Turkey (2011).

The firm’s partners and IP attorneys regularly travel to visit their clients. They are aware of both the risks and prospects that intellectual property poses and offers. They do not lose sight of business considerations. They stay focused on which part of the invention makes financial sense.

ALFA PATENT STAN ADVOKA communicates in all three official languages of the European Patent Office. Although it files patent applications most frequently in English, its professionals are competent in prosecuting patent applications in French and German as well.

ALFA PATENT STAN ADVOKA is involved not only in prosecution; it cooperates with a case-specific selection of litigation professionals in Turkey depending on the preferred language/country of the claimant/defendant to defend their intellectual property in court.

At ALFA PATENT STAN ADVOKA, it’s not only the IP professionals who are deeply committed to their work; clients can also rely on a fully dedicated support staff. The firm keeps both digital and physical archives, which are stored in a fire-resistant room, thus guaranteeing the safeguard of clients’ records.

The team includes the first-ever qualified European patent attorneys in Turkey, currently forming around one-third of all qualified European patent attorneys in private practice in the country.

The firm’s daily patent practice revolves around drafting, litigations, freedom-to-operate analyses and preparing legal and technical advice. The team members are active in epi, the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys, the European Patent Litigators Association and the Association of Intellectual Property Experts. They also coordinate courses for the Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI), and are actively involved in the CEIPI tutoring activities.

The firm’s professionals have been involved in some notable litigation cases in the past 10 years, including complex cases relating to chemicals and pharmaceuticals, as well as mechanics.

In addition to tutoring on behalf of epi and the CEIPI, the firm’s professionals also lecture on IP law at engineering faculties in a number of universities in Istanbul. The firm’s partners have published four books and several articles were made on IP law.

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