Anna Louise Hatt

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Recommended - Individuals: prosecution

Beck Greener is a firm that makes sure its clients keep coming back – many of its client relationships have lasted in excess of 40 years, and just a glance at its track record makes it easy to see why. Its record of success in oppositions and appeals has stood at over 80% for three consecutive years, and it reliably manages patent portfolios too. “Beck Greener’s team are highly impressive in their technical abilities, which invokes a tremendous amount of respect and confidence in their work, but equally impressive is their legal work as patent counsel. They are a top choice for complex matters because they provide the best chances of success.” Captaining the practice and heading up the electronics, physics and mechanical engineering ensembles is Avi Freeman – he is a formidable force before the EPO and regularly visits the USPTO, as well as travelling to the United States and Asia to educate on European patent law. The boutique’s chemistry experts include Anna Hatt, Ben Muir and John Hull. Hatt, who is an especially good choice for Nordic patrons, is also able on medical devices and semiconductor briefs, while Muir is “very knowledgeable and proactive, good at adapting to clients’ needs, and transparent and attentive to costs”. Hull brings 20 years’ experience to his practice handling EPO oppositions and litigating before the UK courts and the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court. “John shows a keen grasp of highly technical subject matter and speaks eloquently and persuasively inhearings.”

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