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Recommended - Individuals: prosecution

Patrons describe the work of J A Kemp, undoubtedly one of the United Kingdom’s top patent prosecution shops, as “efficient, organised and highly effective. Kemp’s team works hard to ensure costs are kept under control and that communications from examiners are responded to on time. The patent application process always goes smoothly under their supervision. All their communications are received in a timely manner, with any request for information clearly identified.” The firm’s 88 fee-earners operate out of four offices in the United Kingdom and Paris, diligently overseen by Nigel Price, who has 30 years’ experience. An accomplished practitioner in the engineering space, Price has near-unparalleled expertise in navigating European prosecution for US medical device companies. For pharmaceutical matters, patrons enthuse about the work of Andrew Bentham. “Andrew tailors his prosecution strategy to clients’ business goals. He is very professional and expertly represents his clientele in opposition and appeal proceedings. He makes an effort to keep costs to a minimum and to deliver value for money. Andrew delivers thoughtful, timely and sound advice in the area of biotechnology, both in the scientific sense and legal sense.” Patrick Campbell heads up the biotech and life sciences group, one of the largest of its kind in Europe. Technically astute and strategically oriented, Campbell knows how to deliver sound patent advice that meets his patrons’ every business goal. “Andrew Clark is the top European patent service provider working in his sphere. He treats the most valuable and difficult chemical cases with care. He is unfailingly prompt with advice and he can be counted on to guide clients through prosecution with an expert touch. Andrew is both an outstanding scientist and an outstanding patent practitioner – a rare and valuable combination. It is comforting to know that Andrew stands behind your patent strategy. His insight and perspective are greatly appreciated.” “Dominic Forsythe’s ability to get to grips with new technical fields is fantastic, but what really sets him apart is his ability to collaborate with inventors. Dominic is great at engaging with all inventors to work together and produce the best possible outcome. Dominic’s professionalism and conscientiousness are second to none and one shouldn’t hesitate to select him for any project. Dominic consistently and rapidly grasps the elements of new technologies. He drafts patents with little oversight and his easy grasp of the key innovations always impresses. His prosecution of applications in all territories is thorough and exact. He is without question among the world’s leading patent professionals.” “Toby Hopkin demonstrates an extensive knowledge of relevant patent law and prosecution strategy. Toby is also extremely courteous and responsive. He offers excellent advice throughout the European patent process and is very generous with his time. He is much recommended.” “Graham Lewis has an excellent, in-depth understanding of European patent law across many EU states and the UK. He provides thoughtful, detailed advice and high-quality work. He is responsive and highly talented. He is also a pleasure to work with.” “John Leeming knows the academic and spin-out landscape very well. He grasps the nuances of difficult quantum technology easily and deftly moves patrons from idea through specification to granted patent. A well-recommended guide through the patenting process.” “Chris Milton is an exceptional drafter, and he will ensure that every case has the best chance of success. Indeed, he produces flawless written submissions. He is very skilful and fast, always available and responds very quickly to client needs. Christopher is a brilliant advocate, extremely competent, highly confident and effective. He is a very forceful and persuasive advocate in front of the EPO. He understands the issues quickly, as well as being well prepared and compassionate.” “Mark Roberts is consistently responsive and highly effective in pursuit of client interests; he is also remarkably forceful in the development of strategies for establishing and defending their legal rights.” “Sarah Roques brings a thoughtful and insightful approach to IP strategy and development. She provides stellar service and is a joy to work with. She is a diligent and technically astute prosecutor.” “Ravi Srinivasan is extremely intelligent. He has a fantastic understanding of pharmaceuticals needs and is effortlessly excellent in giving valuable advice with a real eye for details. He has an outstanding ability to digest complex legal issues and resolve them. He always makes himself available when needed and he is dedicated to the client and the case. Ravi is outstandingly tactical and manages prosecution matters efficiently and effectively. His insights and attention to detail are second to none.” Partner Pamela Tuxworth has over 20 years’ experience in biotech and life sciences, and can prosecute patents in the United Kingdom and Europe with confidence and ease. Patrons particularly call on her expertise when they proceed with complex applications or a crowded technical landscape. She handles oppositions deftly and strategically, invariably keeping an eye on clients’ business objectives.

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