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“Valea is the perfect partner; comprising thoughtful, well-prepared individuals, it offers reliable, strong and well-rounded services at a reasonable price.” It is perfectly positioned to assist Scandinavian innovators with their domestic and international IP needs, thanks to its offices in R&D-intensive locations such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö; since Rouse acquired the firm in December 2022, it has only expanded its global offering. CEO and founding partner Andrew Hammond is the first name to note. The mechanical engineer is well versed in handling contentious post-grant patent proceedings, owing to over four decades of experience, including time spent as an examiner at the EPO. Fellow mechanical mavens Marcus Gentzel and Thomas Ernby are also on deck. Gentzel utilises the knowledge he gained working in the patent department of local manufacturing company SKF to effectively provide strategic counsel and manage large global IP portfolios; while Ernby provides advice on everything from patent drafting to infringement and licensing. The outfit also has a shining life sciences division, comprising Malin Boström, and Anette Romare. Boström sets the tone from the top and, with her PhD in biochemistry, she has a thorough understanding of her patrons’ inventions and is well versed in the best strategies for protecting and maximising their assets. Leveraging her prior role as a patent engineer for a world-leading medical solutions company – where she spent two years in the United States developing her knowledge – Romare delivers guidance that is internationally minded. Making their debut in the guide this year are Lisa Eurenius and Anna Månsson. “Lisa is a sharp thinker whose high-calibre work truly shines through in oral proceedings.” “Anna is always focused on securing the best outcomes for her clients. She is prepared, responsive and a strategic genius.”

Andrew Hammond's Profile

Andrew Hammond is a founding partner of Valea. He has an honours degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Liverpool. Mr Hammond’s IP career began in 1983 when he joined the EPO in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, as a search examiner. In 1986 he transferred to the EPO’s Munich office, where he worked as a substantive examiner in examination and opposition proceedings. He left the EPO in 1990 to enter private practice in Sweden and qualified as a European patent attorney in 1993.

Mr Hammond joined his present firm as managing director in 1998. His practice is primarily focused on contentious post-grant patent proceedings. He is engaged by numerous domestic and foreign clients to represent them in opposition and appeal proceedings before the EPO, where he enjoys an enviable track record. He is also experienced in national and international patent litigation. Mr Hammond’s clients are spread across many technical fields, including vehicle technology, medical devices, hygiene products, flooring, printing and mining.

Mr Hammond is a tutor at the Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies and regularly gives lectures and seminars on all aspects of European patent procedures. He ran a two-year training programme for Finnish patent attorneys before Finland’s accession to the European Patent Convention in the 1990s, and a similar course for Norwegian attorneys in 2007.


Firm Profile

Valea AB is a Rouse Group Company. It works to establish, defend and commercialise IP assets such as patents, trademarks, designs and domain names. We also provide legal counselling in matters of copyright law, marketing law and IT law. Through long-term, close cooperation with many of Scandinavia and Europe’s most successful and strongly innovative companies, the services that we offer are continuously developed to meet client needs. Valea’s services cover the entire chain, from concept to commercialisation. We focus on providing business-oriented support with cutting-edge expertise and an understanding of the effects of legislation in a commercial context; we view technology and law as tools to create success for our clients.

Our approach

During the past year Valea has received several accolades and maintained its ranking among the top IP firms in Sweden. Flatteringly, one client opined that the team is “service-minded, open to new ways to work and fun working with”.

Valea is driven by a strong partnership and works across boundaries, both within Valea and together with our clients. We strive for the highest-possible quality in everything that we do and for continuous renewal to drive development. We work in client teams without geographical boundaries, with the aim of offering our clients the best possible skills and expertise in an efficient manner. In each client team, an account manager is appointed to be the client’s primary contact, responsible for ensuring quality at every stage. Our work is conducted both from our offices and, when desired, on site at client locations. With highly motivated and committed employees, we serve as our clients’ right hand and as a sounding board from conception to commercialisation. This dedication is reflected by the continuously renewed trust that our clients have given us over the past decade.

Protection for IP rights

What is worth protecting is not simply a technical or legal question, but primarily a business decision. Together with the client, we develop strategies for IP rights based on each client’s unique business environment and establish rights such as patents, trademarks, designs and domain names.

Defence of business-critical assets

IP rights are violated both intentionally and unintentionally, and effective measures must be taken to protect the value of a company’s exclusive rights. Technical developments, designs and identity must be protected from idea theft, replication and forgery. We help with general counselling, as well as representing our clients in negotiations and evaluating and preparing agreements. We represent our clients before administrative authorities, including the EPO, the EUIPO and national courts, and internationally through our network of local lawyers.

Transactions and commercialisation

Managed properly, IP rights are a fantastic competitive tool and an enormous strategic asset. In almost all cases, mergers and corporate acquisitions involve IP considerations. We provide services in the field of IP transactions, such as the identification and valuation of existing rights, portfolio analyses and freedom-to-operate analyses. With our combination of in-depth technical knowledge, legal expertise and business aptitude, we can interpret and present complex technical and legal information that can be of crucial significance to a transaction in a clear and comprehensible manner. We also help our clients to commercialise their IP rights and act in negotiations and prepare, for example, licensing, distribution and cooperation agreements, as well as R&D agreements.

In brief:

  • Valea was acquired by Rouse in December 2022 to increase the integration and focus of IP services globally. 
  • Valea has a history that stretches back more than 100 years, as Dahls Patentbyrå and Göteborgs Patentbyrå.
  • Valea has offices in Gothenburg, Malmo and Stockholm.
  • Valea currently has approximately 65 members of staff.
  • Our name originates from the Latin words valens and valea, meaning strong, powerful and healthy (or to be strong, have power and be well).

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