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PCK Perry + Currier Inc has built a solid name for itself in the IP space and has earned a sterling reputation for quality in the discipline, making it highly sought after by start-ups and leading corporations alike. Setting the standard of excellence, Stephen Perry and Andrew Currier have an excellent success rate on behalf of their patrons and add tremendous value to their businesses. The duo execute their plans with precision, and they ensure that rights holders are in a good position whenever infringement issues arise.

Andrew Currier's Profile

Andrew Currier is a recognised leader in intellectual property, having gained experience in industry, law and academia before co-founding PCK. Mr Currier’s industry experience includes serving as general counsel for a publicly traded flat-panel display company, IP counsel for a Silicon Valley start-up, and engineer in the automotive industry and control systems. In law, Mr Currier practised for several years with three of Canada’s national firms. In academia, he held a teaching appointment as adjunct professor at Western University in London Ontario, teaching patent law from 2000 to 2007. Cited by the Supreme Court of Canada, he is also co-author (with Stephen Perry) of Canadian Patent Law (4th ed. LexisNexis, 2021), the first text on Canadian patent law by practitioners in over 30 years when the first edition was published in 2012. In 2022, the fourth edition was cited repeatedly by the Supreme Court of Canada in Nova Chemicals Corp v Dow Chemical Co ([2022] SCC 43).

Mr Currier combines the traditions of professional excellence with modern business savvy. As co-founder of PCK, he spearheaded several innovations in professional practice management – notably PCK’s paperless practice, which includes state-of-the-art electronic workflow and billing engines, a subject on which Mr Currier speaks regularly. This work has placed PCK at the forefront of the use of advanced software to efficiently deliver tier-1 professional services using transparent, ‘chief financial officer-friendly’ cost management tools that focus on client value rather than opaque billable hours.

Mr Currier’s breadth of experience is expressed through his practice; his counselling of clients on all aspects of intellectual property – including strategy, invention mining, branding, portfolio management, commercialisation, litigation and dispute resolution – is built on a core foundation of excellence in originating patent and trademark preparation, filing and prosecution. His clients range from start-ups to large enterprises, and he takes pride in bringing his skills to the corporate journey – all the way from founding to scaling and maturity.


Firm Profile

Perry + Currier Inc is the patent and trademark agency arm of PCK Intellectual Property, a cross-border US/Canada global boutique IP practice. We know how to build strong protection for your business.

PCK supports a broad range of IP and commercial services around IP identification, IP protection, IP portfolio management, IP strategy and counsel, IP commercialisation, IP dispute resolution and IP litigation.

PCK professionals include seasoned patent and trademark agents, general counsel, and commercial and litigation counsel with experience across a broad range of industries and technologies. We tailor the right combination of professionals and technology to meet each client’s needs.

Our firm and our professionals are recognised by IAM, Who’s Who Legal, Managing Intellectual Property and Lexpert.

Like many of our clients, we are technology innovators. We take an innovative approach to all aspects of our service.

Over the past several years, PCK has invested substantial resources into automating the processes in the patent and trademark prosecution process, while enhancing work product and service quality. Our platform uses state-of-the-art database management and proprietary computer-driven workflows for the exclusive benefit of PCK clients.

Patents issued to PCK include:

  • Number 11227095, 2022, Automated Dynamic Document Generator;
  • Number 11500902, 2022, Method, System And Apparatus For Intermediating Database Updates;
  • Number 11526519, 2022, System And Method For Automatic Docketing And Data Entry; and
  • Number US20210133179, 2023, Method, System And Apparatus For Processing Database Updates.

Our paperless, software and database driven PCK IP Platform is unique in Canada and distinguishes us from our peers. We have the ability to offer customised service levels and fee structures tailored to our clients’ needs. We carefully manage costs while never compromising quality.

PCK IP professionals have experience and backgrounds across a wide range of industries and technical fields, including software, telecommunications, mobile applications, medical devices, mechanical devices, display technology, electronics, semiconductor fabrication, financial services, business methods, aerospace, biotechnology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, materials and metallurgy, and cleantech.

Not only do clients love our patent advice, but they also rely on our expertise in building and managing complex, large global trademark portfolios. Give us a call to find out more about our trademark practice, as public databases don’t show our trademark work as easily as our patent work.

Our business acumen makes us rare in the global IP community, and we understand what it takes for your business to succeed. Success comes from discovering how your innovations translate into marketplace points-of-difference, value propositions and how they distinguish you from your competition. We study the inherent barriers-to-entry in your business and then bring you smart suggestions for how patents and trademarks can be used to create even greater barriers against your competition. Our IP plans are fully costed with metrics that can be used to define return on investment. We know how to get strong protection for your IP assets.

At PCK, we like to maintain an open dialogue about fees and value. We believe each client must be satisfied that he or she is getting the right mix of services, at the right level, and at the right value.

Our diverse and experienced team of IP professionals and our advanced use of technology and project management skills allow us to adapt our services and fees structures to suit individual client needs. We offer competitive, flexible fee and service arrangements that you and your financial managers will like.

We would be pleased to talk to you about our approach to budget and resource management and discuss our various structures including fixed-fee, capped, project or per-service rates that balance your budget, risk profile and priorities.

The PCK advantages are:

  • flat fees – transparent flat fee structures;
  • United States and Canada locations – global service US and Canada offices;
  • in-house artificial intelligence (AI) – advanced in-house AI technology; and
  • valued clients – internationally ranked and recognised.

PCK: IP counsel – as innovative as you are.

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