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“The attorneys at Schlich Ltd have, at all times, performed patent service to a high level. The firm’s staff have demonstrated detailed scientific knowledge, and were easily able to understand the nuances of our very niche products. This scientific knowledge is above the average of my experiences with other practices. All told, I would have no hesitation recommending Schlich to other businesses in a similar position. They have managed our IP portfolio suitably to secure our business interests.” Based in Littlehampton, the boutique is named for George Schlich, a life sciences specialist with industry experience at American pharmaceutical companies, and well respected among his peers as a top-notch and detail-oriented patent attorney. Joining him on the bench are Juliette Boynton, David Eyre, Michael Hutchins and Andrew Clements. “Juliette knows exactly how to respond to an issue raised during a patent examination. She is informative and has an easily appreciated ability to present issues clearly and concisely. Additionally, she knows the relevant laws in depth and can explain them clearly and straightforwardly. She has demonstrated professionalism, responsiveness and consistent client concern.” Eyre has an advanced degree in genetics and easily knows how to maximise the strategic value of large-scale international patent portfolios. His technical expertise is a bonus for players in the life sciences space. On Hutchins, one client describes their long and fruitful relationship: “I have worked with Mike for more than 30 years. When I first met him, I was so impressed with his knowledge and skill that I followed him over three firm moves. Of the scores of attorneys I have worked with over the years, Mike remains my go-to. His knowledge of European prosecution is second to none. He invests his full attention in my problems. I highly recommend him.” Clements leverages his academic experience at the Institute of Molecular Medicine, Oxford to support his EPO and UKIPO work for a broad array of biotech companies and technical innovations. His peers respect his formidable intellect and command of the smallest technical details.

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