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Spruson & Ferguson is more than the country’s foremost prosecution shop – it has extended its reach to over 25 jurisdictions and provides comprehensive one-stop IP services across all its offices. With its growing presence across Asia-Pacific jurisdictions, the Australian contingent is now a go-to adviser for regional patent matters. Domestically, it frequently tops the Australian patent application charts, housing some of the best patent attorneys in their fields. As one of the only three outfits in the Australian chapter listed across all three ranking charts, the group simply has all bases covered. Anchoring the vast Spruson & Ferguson’s operations across the region is managing director Simon Potter. He is a recognised expert on HIV antiretroviral drug resistance and previously held key leadership positions as head of the life sciences team. Other scientifically adept stars include Michael Christie, Greg Whitehead, Guy Tucker, Daniel Sieveking, Elizabeth Barrett and Andrew Cale. Christie is recognised for his legal acumen and his technical expertise in biotechnology, whereas Whitehead has a proven track record of successfully drafting, prosecuting and defending patent and design rights for innovators in the field of mechanical engineering. Tucker brings valuable insight from his previous experience as a UK patent examiner. Drawing upon his vascular medicine PhD, Sieveking has all the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals patent matters on lock. Another crucial member of the chemical and life sciences team is Barrett, who holds a chemistry doctorate and is a percipient adviser on a wide range of pharmaceutical-related prosecution matters. Brisbane-based Cale steers the engineering and ICT team, specialising in the fields of ICT, signal and data processing, mechanical engineering, computer software and business methods. They are joined by IAM Patent 1000 newcomers Scott Philp and Mike Zammit. Philp brings a wealth of insight into drafting and prosecuting patent and design applications across a wide range of technology areas; whereas chemical engineering PhD Zammit succeeded Potter as the new national chemical/life sciences leader. On the disputes side are polished litigators Khajaque Kortian, Katrina Crooks and Duncan Longstaff. With over 28 years of experience in IP law, Kortian is known for finding pragmatic solutions to complex IP disputes. Previously captaining Shelston IP’s disputes department, Crooks has unrivalled litigious experience, especially in the field of life sciences and chemistry-related industries. Another ex-Shelston lawyer, Longstaff is an accomplished litigator with significant experience of high-value IP litigation before the Federal Court of Australia and High Court of Australia. Completing the line-up, Sylvie Tso operates the potent IP transactions team with aplomb. Tso has a flair for the fine print of IP licensing and due diligence, earning the loyalty of a slew of inventors, start-ups, universities and research institutions.

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