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Founded in 1892 – and with offices in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom – HOFFMANN EITLE is one of the largest and most significant patent firms of its kind on the European stage. Handling over 400 patent applications each year, the group’s diversely capable team brings expertise in almost every subject area and communicates seamlessly with its international network, granting clients a worldwide service. Its record in oppositions before the EPO is almost unmatched, and its high-profile patrons include Regeneron, Popsockets and Sanofi. The Sanofi piece has been handled by Niels Hölder, who is as confident handling patent litigation as he is dealing with unfair competition disputes and licensing issues. Dealing with oppositions on behalf of Popsockets, meanwhile, is Claus Thomas Becher, an enforcement ace and medical devices boffin who has a background in mechanical engineering. His fellow mechanical engineer is dual-qualified patent attorney and attorney-at-law Frank van Bouwelen, who is known for crafting prosecution stratagems that span Europe, the United States and Asia. For electrical engineering matters, the first port of call is Veit Peter Frank, who is relied upon by high-end telecommunications entities to defend their rights in opposition proceedings, while on the life sciences side, the experts include Andreas Stefferl, Leo Polz, Joseph Taormino, Thorsten Bausch, Peter Klusmann, Morten Garberg and Joachim Renken. Start-ups especially value Stefferl’s support, thanks to his experience working with burgeoning biotechnology companies, while no EPO opposition is too challenging for trained chemist and biotechnology group co-head Polz. Heading the biotech group alongside him, Taormino holds a PhD from the Johns Hopkins University in the United States, granting him both top-level technical expertise and a global outlook. Bausch co-heads the chemistry group alongside Klusmann – both are praised not only for their technical expertise, but also their client-friendly approach to cross-border litigation and prosecution, respectively. Garberg is dual qualified as a patent attorney in both the United Kingdom and Germany, which makes life easier for his countless chemistry patrons across the continent, while Renken is a biotechnologist with an impressive record in oppositions and a list of clients that includes some of the world’s leading universities. Anchoring the attorney-at-law side are Clemens Tobias Steins and Dirk Schuessler-Langeheine, both of whom work well with Japanese clients, thanks to their fluency in Japanese. Steins is the transactional specialist of the pair, while Schuessler-Langeheine is a force of nature before the courts.

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