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“K&S Partners is one of the best law firms in India. Their services are very personalised and tailored, their responses very prompt, and their instructions clear. They go out of their way to maintain high-standard, quality work and timely delivery for their clients. The excellent team is always able to satisfy the patrons’ requirements.” IP boutique K&S Partners is well known for its strong technical acumen and relentless dedication to excellence. With offices in Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai, and affiliation with corporate commercial law firm J Sagar Associates, the outfit is perfectly positioned to dispense business-savvy, holistic solutions to names across India – and from abroad. K&S deftly handles matters before the US, European and Japanese Patent Offices, while a vast network of foreign associates enables the group to offer prosecution and enforcement services in neighbouring countries, such as Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Nepal. Litigation chair Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari leverages over 20 years of experience to handle courtroom battles before courts of all levels. He can offer multi-pronged advice, based on his diverse background in physics and corporate and commercial law. “Sanjeev is very proactive. He does excellent work and is always available to answer any questions. We value his competence and, above all, the ability to have excellent initiatives”, says a market source. Strong in both contentious and non-contentious matters, pharmacist Amrish Tiwari heads the life sciences practice. His all-round excellence makes him the first point of contact for those seeking assistance in highly technical matters, such as molecular biology, polymers or nucleoside chemistry. Former researcher Deepa Kachroo Tiku is also known for her life sciences prowess, especially in the biotechnology area. As an inventor named in 21 patents granted worldwide, she offers a unique perspective and multidimensional advice to patrons. Also a life sciences ace, Goutam Bhattacharyya is highly sought after by biomedical and biotechnology start-ups, who rely on him for strategic advice regarding filing and for seamless prosecution services. When it comes to non-contentious assistance in automobile, mechanical and aeronautical engineering, there is no one better than Anand Choubey; blending scientific and legal acumen, he handles matters in complex subfields such as acoustics and non-destructive testing. Acclaimed drafting and prosecution specialist Anupam Trivedi delivers stellar results in engineering-related matters. Anupam is very good in drafting as well as prosecution. He has a flexible approach but also always follows the client's wishes and instructions. He is always available to support us with his advice. Working with him is very nice; he understands our products and contributes his expertise and knowledge to handling our IP portfolio”, says a market source. Also a prosecution whizz, Madhusudan ST deftly handles non-contentious matters across a variety of technical fields, from electronics and medical devices to telecommunications. He is also a reputed expert on computer-related inventions, such as 5G, IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain and robotics. Having worked on thousands of patent applications across diverse scientific fields, biotechnology expert Ravi Bhola now lends his ample non-contentious experience to multinationals, domestic companies and start-ups. “Ravi is very responsive and provides personalised, clear, high-quality advice. Working with him is always a pleasure.” Also working with patrons of all shapes and sizes, Gopinath AS is a well-respected authority on highly technical matters pertaining to mechanical engineering, automotive technology, metallurgy, energy sources and biomedical devices, to name but a few. “Gopinath is an excellent communicator who goes above and beyond for his clients.” Luminary Jyoti Sagar is one of the foremost IP pioneers in India, who has almost 50 years of experience in prosecuting and protecting IP assets. He co-founded K&S in 1994, and currently serves as the group’s managing partner.

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