Ana Claudia Mamede Carneiro

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Operating out of three state capitals, Dannemann Siemsen maintains its grip on the Brazilian market. The firm supplements its wide market coverage with a powerful team of highly qualified and seasoned individuals, who offer a profound array of patent services. Dannemann boasts a diverse multinational clientele, including luminaries such as Panasonic and The Walt Disney Company. The outfit provides a full, multifaceted range of IP services, from extensive filing capabilities and oppositions before the INPI, to courtroom litigation and commercial advice across all kinds of IP-rich transactions. Carlos Cezar Cordeiro Pires is a knowledgeable IP veteran, with over 40 years of extensive experience in the field. His precise understanding of chemical patents makes him an expert when filing in this industry. Ivan Ahlert also wields over four decades of experience. A widely published author in the IP space, he is renowned for his fine-grained knowledge of industrial designs. Joaquim Eugenio Goulart’s clients “feel secure in his work” as a results-driven litigator. Over the past year he has supported Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma in a successful rebuttal of an invalidity action. Cláudio França Loureiro “exceeds expectations with his flexibility, strategies and knowledge” when working with various national and international names. He has recently supported Whirlpool SA in the protection of its patent against competitors. Bruno Lopes Holfinger has worked at the ensemble since 1998; he has built his specialisation in all patent matters related to telecommunications and computer systems. Eduardo da Gama Camara Junior is a specialist in the automobile industry. His successful lawsuit against the INPI for rejecting BMW’s industrial design applications based on lack of originality, is now a leading case on the originality of industrial design applications in the automotive industry. Frank Fischer is extremely knowledgeable on patent matters and the commercial market, having authored well-regarded articles on IP matters. He is an electrical engineer whose legal expertise lies in registrations and portfolio evaluations in this field. Armed with a background in chemical engineering, Ana Claudia Mamede Carneiro is highly knowledgeable in administrative and judicial procedures related to the enforcement of clients’ IP rights in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological fields.

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