Ana Claudia Mamede Carneiro

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With offices in three Brazilian state capitals and a mighty team of more than 240 technically proficient lawyers and industrial property agents on deck, the storied Dannemann Siemsen is a towering force on the regional patent landscape. Its gold-rated litigation division is led by Joaquim Eugenio Goulart, Gustavo de Freitas Morais, Cláudio França Loureiro and Eduardo da Gama Camara Junior, each of whom has “a long history of wins” to his name. Goulart “is among the very best litigators, not just in Brazil, but in all of Latin America”: “He has deep knowledge of IP law and procedure in Brazil, which makes his advice balanced and actionable.” Morais has a background in electrical engineering, with advanced degrees from Franklin Pierce Law Center and Massachusetts Institute of Technology lending depth and sophistication to his practice. Polished litigator and mediator Loureiro excels at both extinguishing infringement issues and advising on IP strategy: “Whether it is a legal or technical issue, he responds quickly and comes up with creative solutions for any problem we may be facing,” reports one client. Camara puts his training as a mechanical engineer to good use on a variety of contentious mandates involving complex scientific concepts; he recently prevailed for Volvo in a hard-fought infringement battle. Frank Fischer, Ana Claudia Mamede Carneiro and Ivan Ahlert are the frontrunners on the prosecution side. “Very knowledgeable and experienced patent attorney” Fischer has “a firm grasp of not just the Brazilian IP law, but also European IP law and practice, despite this not being his home jurisdiction”. Chemistry, pharmacy and biotechnology are the disciplines of choice of Carneiro, an exceptionally skilled director of patent strategy who handles all briefs with a sure touch. Ahlert can quickly parse the intricacies of mechanical patents and continually expands his knowledge base through active participation in IP conferences both at home and abroad. Joining them on the prosecution table this year is Bruno Lopes Holfinger, whose client list reads like a who’s who of the telecommunications industry; he cuts through the thickets of highly technical issues to beat a path to protection. Transactional briefs land on the desk of Cândida Ribeiro Caffé, who opens doors for clients through his smart negotiation of technology transfer and licensing agreements.

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