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Bronze - Individuals: litigation

“Outstanding in all respects. Kim & Chang is top-notch, and it can handle anything. It is a wonderful law firm with many great attorneys. The practitioners are easy to communicate with and I trust their expertise in all matters related to patent prosecution in South Korea. Their opinions are precise and supported by legal guidelines. It is the best service in the country,” enthuses one source. An unquestioned market leader when it comes to IP law in South Korea, Kim & Chang continues to excel across the whole patent spectrum. A prolific filer and well-known presence in top-level litigations for major names, the outfit has the trust of the world-leading legal practices across a variety of sectors, including pharmaceuticals and technology. With more than four decades of experience, managing partner Jay (Young-June) Yang leads the charge on the contentious front. Aside from enforcement and litigation, he also specialises in entertainment law. I’m a big fan of the exceptional Mr Young-June Yang. The reason is very simple: he is the most reliable lawyer in South Korea when it comes to patent disputes and trade secret issues,” says a content patron. Duck Soon Chang is another preeminent litigator with an additional knack for arbitration and technology licensing. Active in the IP community, he currently serves as the president of the Intellectual Property Training Institute of the Seoul Bar Association. He recently represented AstraZeneca in a high-stakes matter against Dong-A ST, in which the court found Dong-A ST’s prodrug to infringe on AstraZeneca’s compound patent. “Duck Soon is always reachable and gets back to us within one hour. He is very hardworking, with a great sense of urgency. He is a pleasure to work with.” Working alongside Chang on the AstraZeneca case was Monica Hyon Kyong Leeu a technically minded veteran attorney who routinely handles top-level cases. Chun Yang’s extensive experience encompasses multiple jurisdictions – from South Korea to Taiwan, Japan, the United States and Europe. With his cosmopolitan mindset, he is adept at assisting US players and anticipating any challenges that they may face in South Korea. Equally cosmopolitan, In Hwan Kim is a US patent attorney to whom major chemical and pharmaceutical companies turn to with high-stakes cases. “I admire In's in-depth thought for the overall case; he ensures that each response aligns with the overall goal.  Also, he has an uncanny knack for honing in on the underlying issues and addressing these from the outset, which leads to good results.” Also licensed in the United States, Stephen Bang bolsters the IP practice with his in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry, while Jay Kim specialises in pharmacautical, chemical and environmental litigations, as well as licensing negotiations. Jay is an outstanding litigator of patent disputes.” Meanwhile, Young Kim is a seasoned all-rounder who routinely handles landmark court battles, including before the Supreme Court. Technically minded, she takes on a number of infringement cases, often relating to biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Young Kim has outstanding legal and technical analytical abilities. She can also put on the ‘business’ hat and always keeps our commercial objectives in mind.” US-licensed Inchan Andrew Kwon has a slew of significant cases under his belt. Most notably, he was involved in South Korea’s first-ever ruling that a prodrug was infringing on a basic drug’s compound patent. Inchan is very responsive and thoughtful. He can be relied on for valuable recommendations for patent strategies in South Korea, and creative solutions to complex patent issues. Korean counsel must be proactive and not just rubber stamp our instructions.  They need to approach each project with a critical eye and advise on issues that we may not have identified.  Inchan meets all of these criteria.” In the outfit's Japanese branch, strategically minded Si Yul Lee leverages his experience as a former judge at Seoul’s Central District Court to excel in patent litigations. Seasoned judiciary experts Yu-Seog Won spent two decades in various courts, including the patent court, while Youngsun You not only worked at the patent court and as a research judge at the Supreme Court, but also a judge advocate in the Republic of Korea Army. Meanwhile, Amy Seung Hyun Oh focuses on pharmaceutical and chemical cases, covering litigation, prosecution and commercialisation. On the prosecution side, former KIPO expert Man-Gi Paik has over two decades of experience in a variety of issues, including filing, monetisation and devising licensing strategies. Similarly seasoned Sang Young Lee leverages his in-depth knowledge to succeed in chemistry and pharmaceutical-related matters. Seunghun (Sean) Lee in the electrical team is highly sought after for his advice regarding litigations, settlement and negotiations. When it comes to transactions, patrons cannot do better than the commercially savvy, strategic Chul Hwan Jung, who has rich knowledge regarding R&D and M&A.

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