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Ehrlich Group’s 140 seasoned and collaborative IP professionals provide fulsome support to major high-technology and life sciences entities, leading domestic universities and medical centres, and dynamic start-ups. The only Israeli firm to be highly recommended in the IAM Patent 1000 prosecution rankings for 2021, it files prolifically both at home and abroad – it processes an impressive 1,000 US patent filings each year, for example – and protects clients to the hilt. The firm’s individual rankings further underscore the technical capabilities of the group, as they include the heads of the chemistry, biotechnology, medical devices, physics, high-technology and software groups – Revital Green, Hadassa Waterman, Maier Fenster, Eran Naftali, Geoffrey Melnick and Roy Melzer respectively. Prosecution and IP commercialisation are the metiers of Green, who helps clients to extract optimum value from their intangible assets. He has recently been supporting Pfizer in an opposition against Israeli generic Dexcel Pharma Technologies. Waterman furnishes tailor-made IP strategies and well-thought-out solutions that “address specific IP needs with great accuracy”. Fenster builds strong IP platforms for those with new products to launch and knows how to leverage intellectual property for bottom-line growth. He has gone above and beyond in the past year to support those whose business has been impacted by covid-19. Naftali is the first choice for complex work: he has been busy assisting Cheetah Medical – a pioneer in the field of non-invasive fluid management and monitoring systems –with prosecution and with sensitive negotiations. Melnick has an innate ability to “get high-quality results in the tightest timeframes” and is a “high-end practitioner who quickly grasps complicated data and gets broad protection”. With “deep technical and legal knowledge”, Melzer does top-level work on strategic global portfolio matters and is cited as an “extremely responsive contact”. Luminary Paul Fenster must also be highlighted; he is hard to beat in terms of engineering and private practice experience, industry knowledge and all-round IP sagacity. The storied practitioner is a must for high-level strategic advice in prosecution, litigation and licensing scenarios. The listings also showcase the firm’s versatility through the inclusion of Yehuda Neubauer, who captains the IP litigation practice; and Amit Ehrlich, who takes charge of IP monetisation. Neubauer often takes over cases from other firms when the pressure gets too much for them; under these circumstances, he is currently representing Boeing against Israel Aerospace Industries. Ehrlich acquits himself with distinction in touch-and-go cross-border licensing negotiations. Everyone on the team takes inspiration from Gal Ehrlich, an astute IP tactician who is brilliant at getting the best out of the talent around him.

Amit Ehrlich's Profile

Amit Ehrlich is a field-proven attorney with extensive experience in commercial litigation, as well as IP, corporate, commercial and banking law. An honours graduate from the Academic College of Law in Ramat-Gan, he has maintained a diverse civil practice for several years, covering a variety of legal domains.

Mr Ehrlich’s affiliation with Ehrlich & Partners (now Ehrlich Group) began in 2002 and he now serves as the firm’s chief legal counsel and head of transactions.

Since 2006, Mr Ehrlich has focused on assisting patent holders to monetise their patents, including developing and implementing licensing programmes and conducting patent sales negotiations for clients ranging from individual inventors to large corporations. Mr Ehrlich founded IPTrade, an Ehrlich initiative for patent monetisation, where he serves as the CEO.

IPTrade is Israel’s leading business platform for selling unexploited high-tech patents to multinational corporations seeking to grow and diversify their IP portfolios. IPTrade provides its clients with a best-value monetisation service for their valuable patents, employing a comprehensive ‘A-to-Z’ commercialisation approach.

Since 2018, Mr Ehrlich has been acknowledged by IAM as one of the world’s 300 leading IP strategists for the sixth successive year.

Firm Profile

Ehrlich Group was founded in 1995 by Gal Ehrlich and houses over 150 professionals in the field of intellectual property. The group is a leading Israeli full-service IP organisation that comprises three pillars:

  • Ehrlich & Fenster (GE Ehrlich (1995) Ltd), a patent and trademark attorney firm;
  • Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M), a boutique IP litigation firm; and
  • IPTrade, an IP monetisation initiative.

Ehrlich & Fenster consists of highly experienced IP professionals whose expertise spans all scientific and technological fields and who are qualified to practise before the trademark and patent offices of key jurisdictions, including Israel, the United States, Europe, East Asia and South America.

EN&M consists of attorneys and legal assistants with extensive legal experience in all areas of intellectual property, including patents, copyright, trademarks, designs and trade secrets. The firm’s staff has enriched experience in conducting litigation proceedings before the Israel Patent and Trademark Registrar and the Israeli courts, as well as providing litigation support in foreign countries including the United States, South America, various countries in Europe and East Asia. The firm is diligent in creating strategies and managing the registration of trademarks and designs, producing analyses and legal opinions, as well as drafting agreements including licence agreements, development services agreements and more, related to all aspects of intellectual property.

In managing IP portfolios, the group ensures that clients receive an optimal service taking into consideration a wide spectrum of business needs, with proper utilisation of time and budget restraints.

The synergy between the group’s branches (patent attorneys, lawyers and commercialisation company) harnesses the cumulative experience of the professionals to create a unique first-class protection and enforcement strategy. We work as a collective unit, collegially and professionally, to protect clients’ ideas, ensure their intangible assets and maximise their value, and bring about the best results in any legal proceeding locally and overseas.

The group’s exceptional reputation, as reflected – individually and as a group – in local and international official IP rankings, extends from our broad experience and worldwide operations, which are based on our comprehensive technological and scientific know-how and the good relationships we have established with professional peers in leading offices across the world.

Our group drafts and submits new patent applications and manages their prosecution in Israel and directly in the United States for leading multinational corporations and Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Samsung, Huawei, Monsanto, Salesforce, Pfizer, Philips, and Boeing, as well as universities and medical and research institutions in Israel and around the world such as the Technion, Weizmann Institute, Ariel University, Tel Aviv University, Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development (Volcani Center), Tel Hashomer Hospital, Ichilov Hospital, Hadasit Medical Research Services and Development, Mor Research Applications, Columbia University, universities and research institutes from China and the Philippines, as well as security industries and offices such as Rafael, Elbit Systems, Israel Electric Company, Israel Police and many others. The group also represents joint ventures established by leading entities in Israel and abroad, numerous profile companies from the high-tech domain, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors, start-ups, technological incubators, and private individuals, some of whom are Nobel Prize and Wolf Prize laureates.

Additionally, in what may be considered our group’s crowning achievement, we provide patent drafting, filing and prosecution services directly with the USPTO on behalf of our international clientele, as well as represent foreign associates across the globe for IP services in the United States, including for their most-respected clients and well-known companies in all scientific and technological fields. In this sense, our highly successful US practice competes directly with our colleagues from the United States.

The group’s law firm represents a wide range of domestic and international leading entities in various sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, communications, high-tech, biotechnology, medical devices, agriculture and consumer products. The law firm’s clients include well-known companies, such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Inovamed, Boeing, Skoda, Hyundai, Kia, Volkswagen, Huawei, Playtech, Plasson, Metzer, Nikon, LG, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Barcelona and Real Madrid football teams, many start-ups and many more.

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