Amanda Tessar

IAM Research

The Patent 1000 focuses exclusively on patent practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal patent expertise.

Gold - Individuals: litigation

The sheer volume of instructions it handles and an astonishing hit rate across all major forums – often in precedent-setting cases – set Perkins Coie apart as a formidable force in patent litigation. Among its many stellar advocates, Amanda Tessar stands out as a “highly intelligent and energetic lawyer with a will to win. She has superb experience representing clients in complex matters in the semiconductor industry”. “She doesn’t waste money on arguments that won’t advance her case, and she provides practical solutions and timely updates – and sticks to her budget.” Compared to many other general practice patent litigation high-flyers, Perkins Coie also has an especially robust prosecution and licensing offering. As on the contentious side, its services here are sophisticated: the firm may get several thousand US and foreign patents issued each year, but it’s no mere filing mill – its patenting efforts are underpinned by deep strategic thinking around the business of intellectual property. Engaging freely in this, David St John-Larkin, Brian Kinnear, Michael Henson and Peter Kinsella form a high-calibre line-up in the Denver office. St John-Larkin takes the lead in representing a key client in the 5G space and undertakes prosecution tasks while regularly conducting due diligence and patent analysis in support of proposed transactions, with a focus on the licensing of SEPs. Exposure to litigation has given Kinnear refined risk sensitivity, which translates into effective long-term strategising. Central to the firm’s blockchain practice, Henson is endorsed as a “creative lawyer skilled in his craft and who sees the big picture”. Licensing maven Kinsella is responsible for negotiating the sorts of collaborations that define the trajectories of emerging industries.

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