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For more than a century Griffith Hack has remained the preferred choice for a wide array of domestic and global innovators. As one of the top three filers of Australian domestic patents, the outfit’s expertise and market insight is trusted by many. Of particular note is its IP litigation offering, which has been gaining momentum over the years. Undertaking this is Cambridge physics PhD Derek Baigent. He now dedicates himself to the technology-focused practice, comprising patent litigation and commercialisation. Supporting him in the contentious space is Perth-based Leanne Oitmaa, whose enviable track record of success earns her a following of heavyweight clients that would be more common for a principal of 20 years her senior. On the prosecution front, Janelle Borham is the go-to person for issues relating to life sciences and chemistry. From chemical and general processing technology specialisation, to electrodes, conductive carbon materials and 3D printing technologies, her chemistry expertise positions her as a leader in the Australian marketplace. Other key contacts include Karen Sinclair and Amanda Stark. With nearly 35 years of patent experience under her belt, Sinclair has acted for well-known global multinationals in the chemical and pharmaceutical fields before the APO. Stark, meanwhile, enjoys a burnished reputation for her ability to parse technically and legal challenging matters with ease. David Hughes is another senior practitioner in the line-up: he leverages his wide technical experience and intelligently bridges research and industry. Kellie Stonier receives effusive praise for her IP commercialisation work: “Kellie and her team are professional and are the perfect combination of detailed, where detail is needed, and explanatory, where client legal knowledge is absent.” “Kellie and her legal opinions are greatly respected by the lawyers of industry. She has expertly minimised unnecessary legal arguments for her patrons.” Last but not least, Emma Mitchell’s superb fluency in drafting IP contracts makes her an invaluable asset to the ensemble.

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