Alvin Boey

Patent Manager (Prosecution) at Henry Goh & Co Sdn Bhd
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With a technically-qualified team of 24 and an extensive knowledge of local and international IP laws, Henry Goh & Co Sdn Bhd is a long-standing prosecution champion in Malaysia. The multilingual group holds degrees in engineering, IT and biotechnology, and assists clients before the IP offices of the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, as well as across East Asia and Europe. Executive director Dave Wyatt is known for his insightful IP protection strategies and involvement as an expert witness at the High Court. Newly appointed head of patents and designs Yen Yen Oon has a degree in microbiology and specialises in biotech and chemistry. Jason Cheah drafts, prosecutes and advises on patents, especially in anything pertaining to electronic, electrical and internet-related fields, while Alvin Boey deftly handles any IP issues related to mechanical inventions.

Alvin Boey's Profile

Alvin Boey graduated in 2004 with an honours degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Monash, Australia. He was involved in the research, development and implementation of heavy machineries at a major manufacturing company in Malaysia before deciding to pursue a career in intellectual property.

Mr Boey joined the firm in 2006 and qualified as a registered patent agent, trademark and industrial design agent in 2008. His work involves advising local and foreign clients on IP protection, conducting searches and the drafting and prosecution of applications for patents and industrial designs. His patent drafting experience includes inventions in the fields of electromechanical devices, agricultural machinery and plant, water and wastewater treatment, and medical devices. His experience as a mechanical engineer has provided invaluable technical knowledge in assisting clients in their IP needs related specifically to mechanical inventions.

In addition to his extensive prosecution work, Mr Boey has conducted numerous freedom-to-operate searches and provided infringement and validity opinions. He has appeared before the Kuala Lumpur High Court as an expert witness.

With his excellent work and wealth of experience in the field of patents, Mr Boey has been recognised as a recommended individual for patent prosecution in Malaysia by IAM Patent 1000.

In April 2022, Mr Boey was appointed as a manager (prosecution) in the patent department. He will be playing a key role in managing overseas prosecution (excluding Brunei) and overseeing the Malaysian industrial designs portfolio.

Mr Boey also serves as a business development strategist at Henry Goh. His role includes identifying, analysing, and strategising with a focus on the implementation and execution of the firm’s strategic plans. Mr Boey is a savvy content creator and puts his creativity to good use for the benefit of the firm’s marketing and advertising activities.

Mr Boey is a member of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) and the International Trademark Association (INTA).

Firm Profile

With 45 years of legacy and excellence since 1977, Henry Goh & Co Sdn Bhd is often recognised as a pioneer, trailblazer and market leader in IP protection in Malaysia. Their expertise spans the complete range of IP solutions with regard to patent, trademark, industrial design and copyright matters in various jurisdictions, especially in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

The firm’s stable team of IP professionals with diverse backgrounds in law, engineering, biotechnology, information technology, sciences and other fields have successfully steered a wide spectrum of clients, from small-medium businesses to multinationals, through various complex IP issues.

The potent combination of multilingual, legal, technical and business experience coupled with in-depth knowledge of relevant local, regional and international laws governing IP practice provide the Henry Goh team with a unique platform in Malaysia to advise clients from inception through to registration, and further towards the commercialisation of intellectual property. The firm’s IP professionals have also received global recognition as IP powerhouses and thought-leaders in their respective areas of speciality.

Henry Goh practises in all main areas of intellectual property, but focus especially on patent, trademark and industrial design protection.

Henry Goh’s patent practice is the IP foundation and cornerstone of the firm since its inception more than four decades ago. Although the world’s patent systems were designed for the industrial age, they have evolved, and the patenting of high-technology inventions has become the norm rather than the exception. Effective drafting, prosecution and exploitation of patents call for a sound aptitude for technology, in-depth knowledge of the applicable law and practice, and excellent communication skills.

The firm is home to the largest and most experienced team of legally and technically qualified patent professionals in Malaysia. Henry Goh’s patent agents have considerable depth of experience in patent drafting, prosecution and contentious matters in a wide variety of technical fields, both locally and internationally. Their local knowledge, expertise and resources make the firm the natural choice for patent prosecution in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. They provide honest, sound, accurate and timely advice on identification of patentable inventions, drafting of patent specifications and prosecution of Malaysian, Singapore, Brunei and overseas patent applications. Their opinions on patentability, infringement, freedom to operate and validity have also proved invaluable to local and foreign clients.

With foresight and preparation, Henry Goh has early on put in place the relevant operation procedures for its patent department and guidance for clients to embrace the new Patents (Amendment) Act 2022 and the many exciting changes that came into force on 18 March 2022. The firm will once again spearhead the industry in terms of Malaysian patent practice under this new law.

In addition to law and practice, the firm’s patent professionals place great emphasis on keeping abreast of the rapid evolution of technology in their three technology groups: high technology, electrical and electronics; mechanical engineering, manufacturing and products; and chemistry and life sciences. The senior patent agents heading each group are technology specialists in their own right who often serve as a reference point for colleagues and clients alike.

At Henry Goh, industrial design matters are uniquely handled by the patent department as all the firm’s patent agents are also qualified and registered as design agents in Malaysia. Industrial design in the 21st century combines entrepreneurship, creative thinking and innovation. The beauty in a well-designed form can often be the decisive factor for consumers. Henry Goh routinely assists clients in securing industrial design registrations both at home and abroad. Such a practice demands a sound understanding of both international and local laws covering industrial designs. The firm can also assist clients with the necessary actions in the event that their registered industrial designs are infringed by third parties.

Henry Goh’s Malaysian office handles directly the filing, prosecution, registration and maintenance of Brunei patents, trademarks and industrial design applications before the Brunei Intellectual Property Office (BruIPO). The specialist patent agents heading the Brunei patents and designs practice group are well versed in the legal and practice requirements unique to Brunei law and work closely with BruIPO officers to enable efficient prosecution of Brunei patent and design cases.

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